3 business ideas using Argil’s deepfake generator


  • Deepfake generator enables scalable, personalized video content creation.
  • Influencer marketing agencies can collaborate with global influencers.
  • Online course creators can generate AI avatar videos.
  • Corporate training streamlined with consistent, multilingual deepfake videos.
  • Deepfake generator unlocks new business opportunities and growth.
  • Leverage deepfake technology for cost-effective, high-quality video content.

The B2B Acquisition game is changing. If you want to attract clients, sending thousands of emails per week is no longer a viable solution.

Personal branding and demand-led lead generation have become the main acquisition channels for B2B founders. Demand-led strategies are especially pertinent with a video container in the content strategy.

Still, one challenge makes it hard for some companies to adopt this strategy: Creating consistent, high-quality, personalized content is needed to grow an audience.

Not everyone has the time, the budget, or the specific knowledge to create this type of content.

In this context, we decided to build Argil’s deepfake generator, the first deepfake generator targeted at people looking to grow a video-led audience on social media.

In this article, we’ll share 4 business ideas you could go after using our deepfake generator.

Influencer marketing agency

Today’s influencer marketing agencies are limited by the geographical scope they can target based on the language of their influencers. On top of that, most are not the owners of the content created by the influencer.

Of course, they share a brand’s brief and general guidelines, but that’s it. Re-doing the content is rarely an option, impacting the conversion rate between brands and influence agencies.

How could using Argil’s Deepfake generator change that?

Pretty simple:

  1. You train models of the different influencers working with you
  2. You propose different body language, background, and scripting structures to your clients
  3. You merge influencer, scripting, format, and even voices
  4. You generate the content within a few minutes with A/B testing components

Now you have scale, local focus, and cost-effectiveness.

You could start by identifying top influencers, pitching them the idea, getting their authorization, and generating the first videos of them using Argil in different languages and settings to see whether or not they’re interested.

You could also pitch brands and focus on how they could collaborate with more influencers to target audiences more suited to their products.

At some point, you could not even mention that the videos were made with a deepfake generator.

Business idea 2: Online course creation

The online training market is growing exponentially. At some point, everyone will be in the spot of being a coach/online tutor and creating a completely remote video course.

The market is expected to reach $457.8 billion by 2026, growing at a CAGR of 9.1% from 2019 to 2026.

The biggest challenge most people face is that they don’t want to record themselves for an extended period because they do not like it.

You could create an agency targeted to content creators who do not want to bother with the video components of their course and do it for them.

Same process:

  1. You ask them to send you a video of themselves (in the right format)
  2. You train the AI avatar of themselves
  3. You define the lecture components
  4. You generate, edit and publish them for your clients
  5. You could even generate these videos in 2 languages if your clients know the demographic of their audience.

You can use platforms like Udemy or Coursera to get your first clients.

You should know that people will not use deepfake generators just because they are becoming popular. There is always a delay in adoption dynamics, which creates business opportunities.

Business Idea 3: Corporate training and onboarding

The biggest challenge faced by companies with over 200 employees is knowledge transmission.

How to ensure information is shared with the right person at the right moment:

  1. Onboarding of new employees
  2. Training of employees on a specific skill/tool
  3. Up-to-date knowledge of what’s happening on a high level

The best way for companies to have a low turnover rate is to give information to the right people at the right time.

This is how they keep performing and delivering, which helps them reach their targets, receive bonuses, and make everyone happy.

Unfortunately, the bigger the company, the bigger the pile of ‘interesting we should look into that’ becomes.

A service could be AI avatar model training for managers, for instance, and direct interaction with you whenever they have to transmit knowledge to a larger pool of people in the company.

There 3 main benefits to that:

  1. Consistent messaging
  2. Multilingual capabilities
  3. Personalized experiences (person who receives the video)

You would be the one using the deepfake generator, and they would only share information after the onboarding day when you could go to their offices to ensure the videos used to train the models are recorded in the best possible way.

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