3 ways content creators could use online deepfake generator to make money


  • Explore multilingual content creation services
  • Use online deepfake generator for global reach
  • Streamline production with online deepfake generator
  • Save time on video edits and reshoots
  • Conduct A/B testing with minimal effort
  • Online deepfake generator enhances content ROI

If you’re not building an audience through video content in 2024, you’re missing a big opportunity as a creator.

Building a brand requires authenticity and familiarity, both inherent components of video, making it the best means of communicating and transmitting trust to people.

But there’s a catch: attention spans are shortening, and to keep getting it, you need to focus on short-form content. I know, easier said than done as short-form content means:

→ Perfect timing and structure of the content

→ Perfect editing and scripting

→ Perfect lighting and sounds

Unfortunately, not everyone can get these 3 right. This is why we’ve built the first online deepfake generator for content creators looking to build their brand with short-form content.

In this article, I’ll present 4 different ways you could use an online deepfake generator to make money.

1) Multilingual Content Creation services

If you want to build an agency, target someone who can pay for your services. This means you must consider ways an online deepfake generator can provide tangible value with real KPIs to your persona.

(This means using the online deepfake generator yourself to deliver a service)

One of the services you could build is the following: acquire new audiences from all around the world through multilingual content creation.

When you use our online deepfake generator, you can train a model of a creator and directly manage the language, tone of voice, and even scripts of the videos on our platform.

That’s perfect for creators with an existing fan base in specific countries who want to reach global audiences without facing the language barriers associated with such a move.

The benefits of an online deepfake generator in this use case are:

  1. Adapting the voice to the local preferences
  2. Create content with scripts that resonate with the new demographic

MisterBeast has been one of the first to do this (without the use of any online deepfake generator).

I'll let you imagine how expensive it is to do it this way…

2) Streamline video production and editing

You could create an offer that provides production, editing, idea scrapping, and script writing for content creators.

You’ll propose your service at a very affordable price to ‘test’ if they could build an audience using at 100% an online deepfake generator for their video content.

In comparison to a generic production agency, you’re saving:

→ Resources to edit the video (Multiple software for lighting or retouching)

→ Time needed from your prospects to record or to commute to a studio

→ Human resources needed in the production chain (you’re rarely alone in these services)

Using our online deepfake generator, you can add B-rolls, captions, and transitions within the platform.

Going one step further would be to edit the script based on the client's feedback and regenerate the complete video with one click.

Go mention to a creator that they can forget about reshooting, and it’ll become crystal clear to you how much of a revolution using an online deepfake generator is.

3) Content experimentation and A/B testing

If you want video content, I am sure this has already happened to you at least 10 times:

  1. You follow a content creator
  2. They start doing ads for a product
  3. You watch one entirely
  4. You start getting new versions of the ad

That’s what’s called retargeting with A/B testing campaigns.

When you do an Ad, you have an intention (Conversion, get an email, download a PDF, etc), but you’re never 100% sure what will lead to these results. So, you’re obligated to test, get data, and iterate.

This process can be time-consuming, costly, and draining. So many people running ads oversee it.

But now, with an online deepfake generator, you can create multiple video variations with minimal effort.

That’s a service an agency could provide:

→ Testing different scripts

→ Testing different styles

→ Testing different formats

Not only for ads, but also for content creation to identify what resonates the best with an audience, then, optimize the content strategy based on data-driven insights from A/B testing.

You could approach any content creator/Infopreneur who’s either:

  1. Already doing ads
  2. Not doing ads

And show them the cost of inaction of not A/B testing their campaigns. This is how you give them an insight into the ROI they could get.

If you want to be among the first to play with our models and build an offer based on Argil’s online deepfake generator, join us here.