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July 6, 2024

A New Model For Any Lead Generation Agency: Argil’s Deepfake Powered by Argil

Elevate your lead generation agency with Argil's AI tools. Create personalized, effective campaigns at scale with our deepfake video technology.

Othmane Khadri


  • Evolving lead generation industry needs innovation.
  • Personalization critical in modern lead generation agency.
  • Argil enables personalized videos with minimal input.
  • Creativity and data key for effective sales strategies.
  • Video is essential for high-conversion outreach.
  • Argil's AI offers scalable personalization for agencies.
  • A New Model For Any Lead Generation Agency: Argil’s Deepfake Powered by Argil

    The lead generation industry is constantly evolving and traditional methods have their limitations in a saturated market.

    There’s a profound change happening in sales right now as more personalisation, creativity and data is needed to reach and engage people who are used to constant outreach.

    Agencies will have to adapt to maintain an edge over their competition, and AI is providing this leverage for those willing to capitalise.

    The Need for Personalisation in Lead Generation

    There’s understandably a growing need for personalisation in sales. Think about Spotify’s “Wrapped” every year, utilizing personalized data visualizations to create highly shareable content.

    Widespread digital adoption and surges in online interactions today have rendered personalised experiences as the standard for engagement across all platforms.

    Unfortunately, many still choose to ignore the significance or outright deny it. This is in part due to the inherent difficulty of providing personalization at scale in an industry that understandably relies on volume.

    But producing relevant content for different prospects no longer requires integrating several tools or collecting and analysing vast amounts of data manually.

    Using Argil, you can generate personalised videos for each prospect based on minimal input, such as names and company details, which makes high-volume prospecting with video easily achievable.

    For a deeper dive on how you can achieve personalized outreach at scale for your lead generation agency, check out our previous blog on video prospecting with Argil:

    The Role of Creativity and Data in Modern Sales

    We are in an era of information overload, creativity and data have become essential for cutting through the noise and capturing attention.

    Creativity serves as the hook, while data driven approaches ensure your efforts are personalised and effective. This is where Argil’s suite of AI assisted features becomes increasingly useful.

    Our goal at Argil is to take as much of this creative burden off of you as possible so you can focus on the core of your business.

    From script writing and multilingual content creation, to A/B testing and optimisation, we’ve provided the necessary tools to facilitate personalised and engaging content at scale today.

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    The Power of Video Engagement in Lead Generation

    When performing effective outreach, you want to ensure your messaging is clear and understood well enough for people to act on it.

    Video is the most effective medium for online communication. Whether you like it or not, it has the highest conversion rate among all other formats. But video production is no longer the major obstacle it once was…

    By integrating Argil’s capabilities, lead generation agencies can create highly personalised, effective campaigns while effortlessly incorporating video to significantly improve their ability to capture and nurture leads.

    The Future of Lead Generation with AI

    To stay competitive in evolving markets, agencies have to adopt the right tools to integrate personalisation, creativity and data into their lead generation strategies.

    Argil’s deepfake generator offers a way for modern lead generation agencies to create more personalised, creative and effective campaigns at scale.

    Some people might think it’s too soon to use this technology for lead generation. It’s not, the early adopters will be the ones to effectively side step saturation before video prospecting becomes the standard approach.

    If you want to capitalise and make the most of this opportunity before that happens: join us here:

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    Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.