AI Automation Will Empower Creative Agencies


  • Creative agencies remain essential despite AI.
  • AI automation boosts agency performance.
  • AI reduces prices and speeds up processes.
  • AI automation facilitates super-personalization.

Creative agencies are the bridge between ideas and the frameworks, systems, and talents needed to put them in place.

They provide a way for companies and startups to outsource the production of their advertising, content creation, and marketing campaigns to a third party that will do it better and faster than them.

Without these agencies, they’ll be an asymmetry of production in the market. Talented creatives will only work in big companies that got the money to pay them, and small companies will have to internalize too soon the skills needed for a full creative process.

At least that was how things worked before the rise of AI automation. With this new paradigm, it became possible to build AI workflows that automate all the needed steps in a creative process.

However ai automation will not take the role of creative agencies, it will enhance their ability to provide the best offers to their clients. AI automation will reduce prices, and faster speed but also improve results as more iteration and exchange become possible.

AI automation is the next step to the super-personalization of results for creative agencies. This article will dive deeper into how this new trend is reshaping the whole market.

Challenges faced by creative agencies

To understand how AI automation represents an astonishing opportunity, we need to first fly over the challenge faced by people working in these creative agencies:

1/ High workload and a need for continuous creativity and innovation

Nothing new under the sun, agencies are hell for junior workers, the workload is super heavy, and the time to get it done super tight.

That’s also a reason why many agencies fail to last longer than a year. Even if they start making money the intensity can be unbearable for some people.

2/ The processes are Daunting and add low value

The role of a creative agency is to understand the brief from a client, build the first mock-ups, get validation, and iterate until the final result corresponds to what they both imagined.

However, in between the checks, there’s a lot of boring creative work, ungratified and with zero added value n the grand scheme of things. The kind of work that could be fully automated thanks to ai automation.

3/ Struggle to measure effectiveness and ROI of creative campaigns

When building a creative campaign with an agency what tells you that this will provide results? You don’t know, and for that, you need to benchmark the different possibilities you got for, let’s say an advertising campaign.

AI automation can help build based on a single ai workflow a complete A/B testing proposition campaign.

4/ Clients from emerging industries

Currently, you got two types of industry, niche one that is super specialized in an industry and can take clients from that niche.

Medium to big agencies try to be horizontal and leverage their whole experience but fail most of the time to close clients from their niche because of the information asymmetry.

AI automation also solves this, you can continuously monitor massive chunks of new articles about new industries, the best practice for advertising, marketing, and content creation.

That’s not good news just for the creatives, it’s also good news for the client as they’re now assured they’ll get an output based on what’s the most up-to-date.

5/ Difficulties in personalization at scale

Agencies provide end-clients with a tailored experience. Each client is different, they got different needs and you can only re-use your experience and processes.

The end result you provide and the in-between work(iterations with your clients) will be personalized. Now that points to the scaling difficulties agencies are facing but again, with ai automation that’s an old story.


Let’s get to how ai automation is providing solutions to the 5 challenges mentioned above.

How AI automation is providing solutions

AI automation is a nascent concept that corresponds to the ability an individual has to automate at-scale work processes that needed human intervention.

Imagine that each ai automation corresponds to a specific workflow that provides specific outputs in less than 2 mins.

Here are a few examples of ai automation:

1/ Storyboard for ads

Every agency starts its user-experience journey with a discovery call and the identification of the ‘brief’ which corresponds to what they want to get.

Based on this brief the first iteration will be key for the agency, but it takes time, money, and human resources to build a first efficient proposition.

That’s where AI automation comes into play, we can all agree that visuals are worth more than ideas. No matter the industry and the output, being able to provide a concrete tangible proposition of how something may look will resonate more.

One example of ai automation for these would use an ai image generator studio, based on the brief and their own ideas the creatives will generate 10-20 ideas and propose them to their clients.

Doing this will enable clients to eliminate unsatisfying ideas and narrow the brief on the first day for record pricing, this can even be offered by. the agencies in their global offer, thus increasing conversion and retention.

2/ Website copywriting ideas

You may understand the tone and voice of the brands but nothing says that what you’ll provide your client based on the brief will resonate with them. This is why having an iteration and checking phase is so important.

But it costs a lot, and if you want to provide them, you should increase your pricing, thus decreasing the number of people you’ll eventually close.

Now with Ai automation, you can build an ai workflow that is based on your ideas and your client brief, you let chatGPT provide you with different global ideas for the copywriting and then submit them to your client to let him choose.

Based on that you can add another step where you re-share with chatGPT the preferred proposition and iterate again.

Cost-effective and personalized experiences are now possible with ai automation.

3/ Internal usage of AI

During your first call with a client, your role is to:

  • Be genuinely interested in them
  • Be genuinely interested in their brand
  • Ask the right questions
  • Take notes

A lot don’t you think?

What if you could only focus on asking questions and listening? Imagine how much more you could take our call with your client. Now let’s say you can do that and let ai automation take notes, and build the client brief for you.

You could at the end of the call send the brief for verification and affirmation from your client in a completely automated way.

This could even increase your chances of closing them. This corresponds to ai automation and could provide more than you think for a fraction of the money.

4/ Fresh perspectives on your industry

Clients do not only come with a need, they also come with competitors that may already be working on a creative campaign similar to what you could come with.

Being able to benchmark your client positioning to their competitors, and build a differentiable layer might be key to closing clients and providing them with a campaign that works.

Imagine if you could insert a link, and get a full brief on the competitor, then use that brief as a base of your prompt to use ai automation to get different campaign ideas for your client.

That’s ai automation by itself and one of the most promising ways to get a unique perspective on how to differentiate your campaign for a given industry.

The Role of Argil in AI-Automation

At Argil, we understood that creative agencies have an interesting play to do with all the AI tools.

Still understanding each of them can be a daunting, long process, and time-consuming process. Especially when you know that each week a few new hundred tools rise…

A real nightmare when you don’t have the time to spend understanding each of these.

Our goal is to centralize the different use-case that you might need to scale your agency and be cost-effective on one single platform: Argil

We’re not closing ourselves to one type of model generation. You’ll get access to text, image, link conversion, and more as we continuously deliver on our ‘multi-modal’ vision.

Argil’s ai automation will provide you with a tool to build fully automated workflows, train on your data, and even streamline them to your internal apps with our API.

You can already test some of the workflow templates we have added to Argil, but you can also build your own based on the currently available steps.

Remember, what you see now on Argil is just the tip of what’s coming, and if you have a specific use case in mind don’t think it’s far stretched or it needs a few months before being available, contact us and we’ll be happy to have a call with you on how we can make it happen.

Othmane Khadri