AI Instagram reel generator: 3 types of content using Argil


  • Instagram reels growth: 2 billion users
  • Accounts with reels grow 67% faster
  • Argil: AI Instagram reel generator tool
  • Key features: AI b-rolls, captions, transitions
  • 3 use cases: multilingual, teasers, A/B testing
  • Join Argil to streamline content creation

Everyone knows that by now. Instagram reels and short-form content are experiencing massive growth in the entertainment and business industries.

In 2023, reels have grown to over 2 billion daily active users; with such a massive adoption, brands and creators who only focus on text-written formats or images are falling behind.

Video content is a new means of communication, and you can use it to:

→ Build trust

→ Convey a message

→ Design your narrative

However, not everyone is equal regarding video production. You need time, capital, and skills. Not even talking about how challenging it can be to put yourself in front of a camera and start talking…

But as a content creator, you need to. Accounts with regular reel content grow 67% faster than those without.

We live in the snack-content era. If you’ve been looking for a solution to ease the video production effort. we have what you need:

The first AI Instagram reel generator tool.

What is Argil's Instagram reel generator?

When we decided to build our deepfake generator, we tried to solve a problem we’ve been experiencing ourselves when scaling other software:

We were familiar with video content creation, but it is a thing to do full-time, another when you’re building a startup…

So how does it work?

  1. Upload a 2 minutes video of yourself (right lighting, body language, and voice)
  2. Strart the training of your AI avatar
  3. Script your first reel yourself or use our AI writing assistant

This technology we’ve built will centralize all the effort required into 1 application to record, edit, publish, and analyze your AI Instagram reels.

Video production can become a task like another you can delegate to anyone.

You give access to Argil’s AI Instagram reel generator, and it’s a wrap. They can generate rapidly personalized reels of yourself.

What are Argil’s key features for an AI Instagram reel generator?

  1. AI b-rolls
  2. Captions
  3. Transitions
  4. Multilingual
  5. AI scripting assistant

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But what can you concretely create using Argil? Here are 3 use cases leveraging Argil’s AI Instagram reel generator:

3 use cases using Argil’s AI Instagram reel generator:

1) Multilingual reel generation

Creators reaching saturation in their niche still need to expand. To gain market share, they can diversify their content or translate it into a new language.

Yes, subtitles already exist, but 76% of online consumers prefer accessing information in their native language.

With Argil’s AI Instagram reel generator, you can repurpose the same reel in different languages.

2) Teasers/hooks for long-form content

Short teasers can be super powerful in redirecting an audience to longer content. Unfortunately, many don’t do them because they are time-consuming.

Building anticipation around bigger launches is super powerful.

3) A/B testing of new content formats

When creating content, you want to identify what works and what doesn’t quickly.

Unfortunately, too many creators miss exponential growth because they only focus on a form of content for which they control the production process.

When you know that 92% of consumers trust influencer marketing more than traditional ads, it’s a necessary pain to try new formats.

You can’t know before testing what will trigger the exact emotion you want in your audience to make them act upon.

Argil’s AI Instagram reel generator is the solution for busy creators and brands looking to standardize and systemize their content creation.

Video content generation will become a commodity. If you want to be an early adopter and make the most out of this technology, join us.