AI Marketing Tools: A Revolution in Modern Marketing


  • AI tools enhance ad campaign effectiveness through intelligent suggestions.
  • Dynamic personas created by AI boost marketing personalization.
  • AI addresses key marketer challenges such as content creation and data analysis.
  • AI enables individualized marketing at scale.
  • The use of AI in marketing can significantly increase ROI.

Marketing strategies will completely change with AI Marketing tools

If you’re reading this it can only mean one thing, you’re fed up with all the AI Marketing tools that fail to solve concrete challenges you’re experiencing.

From day to day, you're probably knee-deep in marketing tasks. You know, creating captivating content, analyzing data, and managing ad campaigns.

Now, picture a day when half of these tasks are off your plate, take care of by AI-automated workflows. Sounds appealing don’t you think?

Well, we made it happen, one tool for all marketing use cases, easy to use and non-tech people-friendly.

The Impact of AI Marketing Tools on Text and Image Ads

Running ad campaigns is exhausting and energy-consuming. You invest time, money, and human capital and you’re not even sure if it’s going to perform accordingly.

Still, it’s the only way to learn more about your audience, try, analyze, and iterate until you find the right mix.

But what if you could streamline and automate the creation of images + text you’ll use on your next ad campaign, or just social warming in your Instagram account for instance?

AI Marketing tools are here to do exactly that. Well, to be even more specific that’s exactly what Argil can do for you.

From your ad text to your image selection, you can build your campaigns on Argil. Choose all the steps you want to include in your workflow and run it while you focus on the strategic aspect of your marketing.

Understanding the Targeted Persona with AI Marketing Tools

AI Marketing Tools are not just about creation, but also analysis and insights. Let’s imagine the following situation:

You publish a LinkedIn demo video of your product, it goes viral and you got 1000 comments. People asked questions, give feedback, and give you insights on your potential next steps.

How much time it would take you to do that on your own? My guess is a LOT, and the worst about it is the longer you’ll try to stay focused on this task the higher your chances of doing mistakes.

But how do these AI tools know what will work? It's all about the targeted persona. You can define a step in your workflow that will extract all the comments and look for specific keywords, or make it interactive and ask specific questions.

AI Marketing tools can analyze your audience's behavior - their likes, dislikes, interests, and even their online habits. Then you can use this information to create a detailed persona.

This isn't just any persona. It's a persona that evolves with your audience, making your marketing more personalized and effective.

Main Challenges Faced by Marketers and How AI Marketing Tools Can Help

Despite the potential of AI Marketing tools, marketers still face challenges. Let's discuss a few and see how AI can help:

Challenge 1: Creating Engaging Content

This is a biggie. How do you create content that grabs attention and compels your audience to take action?

Without AI, you can only rely on your ability to learn from all the content on Google on the following topics:

  • Copywriting
  • Storytelling
  • Psychology

But with AI you can let it do that work for you and provide you with personalized propositions targeted to the content you want to share. It can suggest headlines, formats, and even the best time to publish.

Challenge 2: Making Data-Driven Decisions

Data is crucial, but making sense of it is overwhelming, especially when you’re dealing with an important batch of information. AI tools take this challenge head-on by providing actionable insights from your data. You'll know what's working, what's not, and what you can do to improve.

Challenge 3: Personalizing Marketing Efforts

Personalization is key in modern marketing, but how do you personalize your marketing at scale? Everyone knows how to do it by verticals, but no one really scales this process and breaks it down by individuals.

When it’s done, it’s done poorly and you can expect to have good results, but now with AI marketing tools such as Argil, you can build specific workflows that will do this work for you.

It’s time to tailor your content, ads, and emails to individual preferences. That’s how you build your presence and make them reach out to you. So, there you have it.

AI Marketing tools might seem like a fancy addition to your marketing toolkit, but Argil's value proposition become the Toolkit.

You can Jump on the platform here: Argil