Argil: Revolutionizing Workplaces with Next-Gen AI Character Generator


  • AI character generator reshaping intelligence perception.
  • Argil: redefining AI character generator approach.
  • AI character demand: support bots, automated analysis.
  • Argil's unique approach: AI experts, not characters.
  • Argil enhancing B2B collaborations, making AI accessible. was the initiator of this new concept.

Using LLMs to build specific personas based on one hypothesis:

  • The LLM is trained on data corresponding to the persona you wish to represent.

This ability of the LLM is reshaping our perception of what intelligence means.

AI character generator ultimately represents tools that create artificial characters based on given parameters.

But this is not knew, the gaming industry has been the first to build ‘AI’ characters using scripts and parameters, the real difference lies in the ability of AI character generator to do it at scale.

In this article, you’ll learn how at Argil, we’re redefining the approach of AI character generator, with a professional twist.

The Current State of AI Character Generators

While the notion of AI character is super accurate and make completely sense in the current macro view of the world, a key component is mission:

How to leverage AI character generator to the needs of business?

I mean, to be fair the current positiong of the AI character players is mainly B2C:

  • In the context.
  • In the interface.
  • In the user experience.
  • In the features proposed.

No one is really trying to leverage LLMs to generate AI characters for entreprise.

Most of the current AI character generator targets the entertainment sector.

The reason for that is because adressing the gap between:

  • The power of AI.
  • How to work with AI.
  • How to use LLMs to generate professional AI characters.

Is definitely a hard equation to solve.

The only thing that will drive the development of such tools is the demand side of the market.

The demand is currently looking for:

  • Customer support bots.
  • Gpt-3 personal assistant.
  • At scale automated analysis.

And many more use-cases for which an AI character generator would be highly beneficial.

Unveiling Argil: The Future of AI Character Generators

At Argil our approach to AI character generator is quite unique, we don’t see them only as character but as Experts.

An expert is based on three pillars:

  • The prompt you give it.
  • The context you give it.
  • The skills you give it.

Let’s say you want to interact daily with Elon Musk, but you want to spice things a bit, you want him to know exactly what your product is about, and give him links of your competitors to benchmark.

Interesting yeah?

Well in the next version of our product you’ll be able to do that.

Our view of AI character generator is that it shouldn’t be only about entertainment, it should provide a way to people to use AI to work alongside them.

Argil in Action: Enhancing B2B Collaborations

Companies and individuals know that AI is the future.

They know they should learn now how to use it effectively.

Still chatGPT seems to fail at this mission. Working with AI is hard, and inefficient.

This is explained by 3 main factors:

  • Lack multimodal interaction in the generation (Text, Image, CSV, PDF).
  • Lack of context (Product documentation, company data…).
  • A daunting user experience.

Managing a project using AI is currently not possible.

Manage multiple project? A joke.

But we’re building on that vision, and if you too want to use AI in your daily workflows send me an email( and I’ll onboard you on the next version of our product.

AI character generator is the first step in the way we work with AI.

If you didn't try Argil yet, join us : Here.

Othmane Khadri