Argil: The best HeyGen alternative for content creators


  • Argil: AI-powered HeyGen alternative for content creators
  • Mimic your movements and speech with video clones (no camera needed)
  • Dynamic editing capabilities: captions, AI b-rolls, transitions
  • Get pre-edited videos based on scripts
  • Multilingual creation for global audience reach
  • Generate A/B testing for your video content

If you’re reading this, I am 100% confident you saw a deepfake going viral on Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn. This new trend was built and fueled by Heygen, they did a masterwork with their advanced SOTA model for deepfake creation.

But if you’re a content creator and have tried Heygen, you’re likely not satisfied with the user experience, the features available, and the overall friction between training a model, creating a deep fake of yourself, and repurposing this deep fake for your socials.

Heygen has built a fantastic product, but not for content creators. That’s why we built Argil, to become the N1 Heygen alternative for content creators.

The need for a better HeyGen Alternative

The creator economy is booming and expected to become a $530 billion market by 2030.

The best thing about this market is the already low barrier to entry; anyone can be a content creator.

Still, not everyone can do it at scale to build an audience for multiple reasons:

  1. You need time to record yourself
  2. You need quality equipment to record yourself
  3. You need to find the right content ideas and write scripts
  4. You need to stay top-of-mind and publish content consistently

As videos take a more important market size in the creator economy, more people will experience the above challenges. New AI technologies and deepfake technologies provide a real solution to keep the barrier to entry low.

But Heygen is not the best solution for that.

Creators need a Heygen alternative that is:

→ More comprehensive in its usage

→ More flexible in the way you create content

→ A UX that’s personalized to content creation best practices

For these 3 reasons, there’s a real market gap to fill with a Heygen alternative focusing on content creators.

Key features that make Argil the best Heygen Alternative

We have a content creator DNA. We’ve built multiple audiences on each of these platforms:

  1. Tiktok
  2. Twitter
  3. LinkedIn
  4. Newsletters

From ideation, writing the scripts, pre-production, and production, we did it all and multiple times. We know what the best practices as a Heygen alternative are that we must adopt.

Here are 5 features that will make video content creation easier using Argil:

  1. AI-powered video clones that mimic your movements and speech (no camera needed). You need to record yourself once.
  2. Dynamic editing capabilities (captions, AI b-rolls, transitions) directly on Argil’s deepfake studio.
  3. Get your pre-edited videos based on scripts.
  4. Multilingual creation to make your brand reach global audiences
  5. Generate A/B testing for your video content

We have an all-in-one approach for content creators. Forget about using 2-3 different tools to generate your short-form content.

As the go-to Heygen alternative, we focus on at-scale customization and personalization of the content you create. Heygen has a substantial library of avatars that you can use in your video content.

But compared to Argil, the UI might be too overwhelming, with a ‘corporate’ DNA that is not friendly for content creators.

Our goal is to make creating Deepfake video content easier, more friendly, and of the highest quality in the market (Body language control and video editing).

Bonus: Heygen alternative that makes you money

If you’re a content creator and want to use our platform, we’ve built the perfect model to help you make money while using our platform:

Our affiliation program.

By joining our program, you’ll get a 25% life cut on the revenue you generate from people using the platform, thanks to you.

To join it, it’s here: Become an affiliate.

We’re building with your best intentions, and any feedback will be welcomed.

If you want to be one of the first to play with our platform and jump our current waitlist: it’s here.

Othmane Khadri