Argil: The first deepfake AI tiktok video generator platform


  • Argil: The first AI TikTok video generator platform
  • Create TikTok videos using your own videos as the base for deepfake
  • High-quality AI-generated content for TikTok
  • Automated captions, B-roll, and transitions for TikTok videos
  • Pre-edited video drafts and A/B testing capabilities
  • Multilingual content creation to unlock international growth

TikTok has gained popularity amongst all generations. The reason for that is pretty obvious when you’re familiar with the video production industry:

Seamless creation and editing.

(At least at it’s origin)

On TikTok, you’ll see countless trends ‘copied’ by dozens of other content creators every week. Trends, templatized with specific editing structure and music. But as with every content creation platform, with traction comes greater difficulty in getting attention.

What’s the solution?

Create better content with more production effort…Unfortunately, not everyone has the right cameras and knowledge to do so. Content creators build their own teams of copywriters, content strategists, and video editors, but what if an AI could perform all three expertise?

That’s exactly what we aim to do with Argil: Create the first AI TikTok video generator using your own videos as the base for the deepfake.

High-quality content should become a norm and not the differentiation layer.

What is Argil’s AI tiktok video generator?

Our generator is an all-in-one solution for creating TikTok content without a camera. We’ve been reaching multiple audiences through short-form content, so we know precisely the critical components needed to create quality content.

On Argil you can create your 9:16 TikTok videos using just a script (that can also be generated by AI, but more on that in another article), and your AI clone.

After generating your short, you can automatically add captions, B-roll, and transitions. These 3 components are essential to increase your watch-time and keep your audience hooked.

If you’re already a content creator on Tiktok you know how important  video content has become, but if you’re not, let me give you some numbers:

  1. TikTok has over 1.5 billion monthly active users in 2023
  2. TikTok has over 150 million monthly active users
  3. 161.4 million people watched live video content in 2023
  4. 50% of TikTok users have bought something after seeing it promoted on the App
  5. 44% of marketers produce short-form videos as they offer the highest ROI
  6. 87% of marketers say video has helped them directly increase sales

Still, 33% of marketers say they don’t have enough time to create video content, which is the ultimate barrier to adopting a video marketing strategy.

That’s where our AI TikTok video generator comes into play.

Features of our AI TikTok video generator

We’ve built our tool to make it a seamless experience for content creators to design, generate, and publish high-quality content within a few minutes.

What does it mean in terms of features?

1) Automated captions, B-roll, and Transitions

Our augmented captioning, B-roll footage, and library of seamless transitions save creators a significant amount of time in all the post-production tasks.

This is especially valuable, as Verizon Media's 2022 research showed that 69% of TikTok users watch videos with the sound off.

2) Pre-edited video drafts

Our pre-edited drafts allow creators to get the first support to work on. It’s always easier to refine than create, and with our AI systems, the first draft is based on your context, personal preferences, and any other setting variables.

To give you an idea, a survey by Wyzowl in 2021 reported that 65% of video marketers said pre-made templates help them save time on any video creation task.

3) A/B testing capabilities

While A/B testing was massively adopted as a strategy in the media buying industry, it’s as efficient for content creators. One video with a different hook, caption, transition, and even tone of voice can make or break its performance.

When you know that A/B testing can increase video views by an average of 35% (Marketing Hub), you can’t include it in your content strategy.

But it’s time-consuming and needs practical experience.

4) Multilingual Content creation

Our AI TikTok video generator lets creators unlock exponential and international growth. As one of the biggest frustrations experienced by creators is being limited to the portion of the population understanding their language, it’s a big breakthrough.

A 2021 analysis by influencer marketing hub estimated that around 60% of TikTok’s user base comprises non-English speakers, this means that any content creators can only convert up to 40% of the total attention pool.

We’re entering a new content creation era, and we’ll start seeing creators such as Mister Beast (with international carriers) on a broader scale.

If you want to become an international content creator and create videos for broader audiences, you can skip our waitlist just: Here.

Othmane Khadri