Argil’s API, the best alternative to the missing Midjourney API


  • Multimodal generative AI is the future.
  • Midjourney API is missing, limiting possibilities.
  • Stable Diffusion API offers competitive image generation.
  • Argil API bridges the gap with continuous fine-tuning.
  • Endless possibilities for product builders and marketers.
  • Workflow vision allows context and creation.
  • Midjourney's focus delays API release.

The future of generative AI is multimodal.

Multimodal represents the ability to create out of natural language (text as you write/speak) text, images, flows, tables, etc.

In this future, the quality of the output is the number one priority, how would you think about building automation relying on generative AI if you fail to get the right quality?

Currently, the most advanced Gen AI is the next, on the other hand, the Image is getting closer to state-of-the-art quality but one thing is clearly missing:

Midjourney API.

Companies and startups that need image generation in their multimodal creation process need Midjourney. Midjourney is currently the best foundational model for Image quality but without Midjourney API the possibilities are limited.

Are they? You’ll figure it out in this Article. Before jumping straight to it, there’s a little nuance I want to put out the way:

Midjourney quality and continuous improvement might be the best solution for all use cases. Art and photography might be the only too in which super realistic and detailed image generation is needed.

The ability to integrate Midjourney API into applications is looked for by a lot of scaleups and corporations because they believe Midjourney has a complete monopoly over image generation.

But that’s not completely true, while yes Midjourney owns a monopoly in the most advanced foundational model without Midjourney API they won’t be the first player in this market.

Best solution < Most enjoyable usage.

Midjourney API is seen at this point as necessary but this was without taking into account the rapid evolution of competitors' model for Image generation and all the features developed on top of the image generation.

Is Stable Diffusion API better than Midjourney API?

Stable Diffusion is the company behind the development of the SDXL foundational model for image generation. It’s an open-source model that had a lot of room for improvement in comparison to Midjourney 6 months ago.


The results are astonishing and are getting closer to what you can get using Midjourney.

I am talking in terms of potential not in terms of final output, as it’s an open-source model, there’s a lot of fine-tuning needed on it to optimize the model and get better results.

On Stable Diffusion, you have access to thousands of downloadable custom models, while on Midjourney the choice is limited which definitely reduces the possibilities.

If you had as an individual to use the open source model, you’ll have to work with a lot of settings that are for most very difficult to configure.

Still, the fact that SDXL is open-sourced gave access to advanced features and customization options for startups and agencies that are looking into it.

That’s exactly why we believe Argil API is the best alternative to the absence of Midjourney API. On Argil you can get access to a continuously fine-tuned version of SDXL, and the latest needed features for your use cases.

On top of that, our multimodal approach bridges the gap between the image and the text generation. Let me share with you everything you can do using Argil API that Midjourney API might never provide you with.

Argil API: Endless possibilities

Argil is the first product that provides a playground for product builders, marketers, operational directors, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs all at the same time.

On Argil you can build specific vertical features that need AI and personalization to the use case.

You can in No-code:

  • Build automations.
  • Train the AI on your datasets (Image, text, etc).
  • Experiment in our studio to find the best settings for you.
  • Streamline the process to your internal Application with our API.

We have a workflow vision:

Each task you go through is a succession of steps, each of these steps generally requires human intervention. An automation is generally very limited to repetitive tasks that don’t include context and creation, but in Argil we’re solving that.

Our workflows are composed of 3 components:

  • Input steps: Connect the workflow to different types of data sources
  • Action Steps: Containerized tasks to be performed in a specific order
  • Output Steps: Defines how you connect the workflow’s outputs to your APP

This unique vision mixed with our multimodal approach (Image generation and text generation) and of the continuous improvement of the image quality makes the possibilities endless and far more competitive than what will come with Midjourney API.

Oh and even if Midjourney API was launched we are already ready to integrate it within a few minutes.

I know, one question remains:

Why Is the Official Midjourney APi not out yet?

After in-depth research and reflection, one thing struck me:

Midjourney is not a product company, the main focus of the founding team is to build the most advanced foundational model for image generation and that’s honestly a crazy journey.

They want to take the whole market of model creation and let then startups build on top of that (like what we’re doing at Argil).

To take a monopoly when you have some steps in advance it’s a good move, but I am not sure it’s what best to do when your competitors are getting closer day-by-day to what you can do.

While Midjourney thinks:

Best foundational model = Win

I strongly disagree at this point, and it’s based on the following reflection:

  • People consume the easiest solution
  • The Internal tradeoff consumers go through will always favorise ease and understanding.

These are both not what Midjourney provides. A product is a narrative not just its intrinsic capabilities, at Argil we focus on the transformation our clients will experience.

On the other hand, Midjourney sells an output, which is why the soonest Midjourney API is out, the biggest their chances of survival as people will be able to experience AI by Midjourney.

We’re here to build proactively, we help people looking for a Midjourney API and we’ll help you even more if you give us feedback and let us hear your voice.

Othmane Khadri