Custom videos for content creators: How to personalize your content with a deepfake generator


  • Custom videos boost content creator productivity.
  • Argil simplifies deepfake video generation.
  • AI avatars require a 2-minute source video.
  • Argil's script editor aids custom video scripts.
  • Personalize with captions, b-roll, and transitions.
  • Optimize and repurpose custom videos for reach.

Meet Sarah, an ambitious content creator who has struggled to maintain a consistent upload schedule for her YouTube channel.

Between filming, editing, and managing all the other aspects of content creation, she often finds herself burnt out and unable to produce videos at the quality or frequency she desires.

For creators like Sarah, a deepfake generator like Argil could be a solution if it enabled the generation of custom videos. This would let the creator express their creativity while saving time and money on video production.

That’s exactly how we build Argil’s deepfake generator: We allow creators to generate unlimited high-quality, professional-looking custom videos.

From our experience, we know there are thousands of Sarahs, and it’s for you that we’ve built the Argil.

Join us here to skip the waitlist and be one of the first creators to generate custom videos with AI.

How Argil's Deepfake Generator Works (Step-by-Step)

Using Argil's deepfake generator to create custom videos is a simple, streamlined process:

  1. Upload a 2-minute video of yourself speaking directly to the camera. This footage will be used to train your personalized AI avatar.
  2. Open Argil's script editor and write out the dialogue you want your AI avatar to deliver. You can create scripts from scratch or have Argil's AI assist you.
  3. With a button click, Argil will generate a fully edited 9:16 video of your AI avatar speaking your script. It's that easy!
  4. From there, you can further personalize your custom videos by adding styled captions, AI-generated b-roll footage, transitions, and more.

Creating Effective Video Scripts for Your Custom Videos

While Argil's deepfake generator handles video production, writing a compelling script is still essential to engaging your audience and inviting them to a shared narrative.

Here are some best practices for writing scripts that will keep viewers hooked:

  • Start with a solid hook to grab attention from the start
  • Tell a story or use humor to make your points more memorable
  • Include clear calls to action motivating viewers to subscribe, comment, etc.
  • Use the "Problem-Solution-Benefits" framework for structure

These tips will drastically improve the quality of your custom videos.

Here’s a script template:

Hook: Imagine being able to [problem/pain point].

Problem Elaboration: [Expand on the problem/struggle]

Solution: Well, now you can with [solution]!

Benefits: [3-5 bullet points on core benefits]Call-to-Action: Don't miss out, [call-to-action]!

But to generate custom videos at scale, you can also take advantage of Argil's AI scripting assistant, which can suggest ideas and content to incorporate based on your inputs.

But before this, here are some tips you should follow when uploading your first source video to train your AI avatar:

  • Look directly at the camera and speak clearly
  • Find a clean, well-lit environment to record in
  • Keep clips for around 2 minutes for the best results
  • Use a teleprompter if needed to read your script naturally

Creating high-quality videos is just the first step. To grow your audience, you'll also need an effective strategy for optimizing and promoting your content.

Here are some tips for getting the most out of Argil's custom video generator:

1) A/B Testing

One feature of Argil's custom video generator is the ability to create multiple versions of the same video to A/B test different titles, hooks, thumbnails, and more.

This feature aims to see what resonates best with your audience through real data.

2) Video Repurposing

Repurpose the custom videos generated with Argil’s deepfake generator from one platform to another. If you generate a long video, convert it into multiple shorts for YouTube, Instagram, or TikTok.

This will help you expand your reach across platforms.

3) Stay consistent

Posting videos on a regular schedule builds momentum with the different algorithms of social platforms.

With Argil’s custom video generator and the AI script assistant, you can generate volume videos without the burden.

The Future of AI Video Creation: Custom videos at scale

While realistic AI-generated videos may seem novel today, deepfake technology is rapidly becoming mainstream—and that's good news for creators.

Video production and editing are not part of the creative process for every creator. Yes, some of them do enjoy these tasks and have the skills to add value, but most focus on the scripting and core idea.

This is where they can add value. AI custom video generation will help creators augment the creativity they can infuse into the tasks they want to keep ownership of.

AI will remain a tool, and a tool by essence, is used differently by different people. The creator economy will continue to boom, so creators need the right tools and frameworks.

Our goal is to fuel the next generation of creators with AI-assisted video creation that enhances creativity and storytelling rather than diminishing it.

If you want to take part in this new content revolution: Join us here