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March 4, 2024

How to Generate ChatGPT Images Using Argil Plugin.

Dive into this comprehensive guide to understand how to generate ChatGPT images using the Argil plugin. Explore the endless possibilities and real-life applications across various sectors.



  • The Argil plugin integrates with ChatGPT for image generation.
  • OpenAI has launched 'app store' for ChatGPT plugins, enhancing its capabilities.
  • ChatGPT Images offers a simplistic way to generate high-quality images from textual prompts.
  • Argil enhances ChatGPT's image generating potential, streamlining the process for users.
  • Industries ranging from education, marketing to retail can benefit from ChatGPT Images.
  • Argil aspires to be a horizontal player in Generative AI, extending beyond just ChatGPT Images.

Your Guide to Generating ChatGPT Images with Argil

AI is great, but its usage is still scattered between different platforms, an API call here, an integration there, and you?

Lost in an ocean of endless possibilities and opportunities, OpenAI understood that and they did a very smart move:

They launched their own ‘app store’ of plugins. See a plugin as an integration already made by the application with the specific use case directly on chatGPT.

Today, to generate images you needed to create an account on specific platforms such as MidJourney, Dall-E, or Argil to generate your images. But now you can do that directly from ChatGPT with our Argil GPT plugin.

ChatGPT images became a reality, and the use cases for you are infinite, however, to maximize the quality and performance of this plugin you need to first create an account on our platform…

But no worries we’ll explain this to you later on.

ChatGPT Images

At its core, ChatGPT's essence is text-based, you ask a question and you get a specific answer based on the data sets GPT has been trained on.

That’s great for conversational usage, but we quickly saw limits: the impossibility to ask for an image, a link, or a video.

OpenAI the company behind chatGPT understood that people were aiming for more use cases such as ChatGPT images, which is one of the reasons they launched the plugins, to allow all existing AI applications to integrate themselves into chatgpt.

But how is that possible?

Asking GPT for any image and getting a near-perfect result as an outcome? Be reassured, we’ll walk you through how to generate these ChatGPT images in an easy, and efficient way maximizing the features proposed on Argil.

ChatGPT Images: What's the Big Deal?

If you’re here reading this article today there’s a high chance it’s because you saw Generative AI account tag us in their GPT plugins list, or because you saw our demo video reshared by a few dozens of AI influencers all over Twitter.

Why so much virality for ChatGPT Images? We don’t have a fixed answer but that essentially comes from the shock it was for people to see that ChatGPT was not just a conventional tool, but that it could generate images based on a single inquiry without the need for specific prompting skills.

People were amazed at the simplicity of that use case, no need to have super specific prompting skills to get high-quality images, our click prompting, and model training features allow anyone to get quality results in a few minutes.

ChatGPT Images: Who Benefits Most?

We designed this plugin in a completely agnostic way, the goal was simple, make sure anyone, from any industry and background could generate ChatGPT Images in a seamless way.

A bit blurry and don’t see how this could be of help to you?  Let’s get straight to specific use cases then :

Each of these personas finds value in different aspects of ChatGPT images.

  1. Creative Professionals: Artists and designers can find a wellspring of inspiration. They can explore millions of unique designs and concepts with just a text prompt.
  2. Education: Educators can use it to aid visual learning. An abstract concept could be made more understandable with a complementary image.
  3. Marketing: Advertising professionals could leverage this to create quick, engaging content tailored to their audience's preferences.
  4. Photographers: They can call a specific model from their Argil account and brainstorm on the next shooting environment.
  5. Retail brands: They can propose community activation with prices for their consumers leveraging ChatGPT images.

Our plugin and platform are aimed to help people from every industry, we’re a horizontal tool.

A step-by-step guide to generating ChatGPT images with Argil:

Now that you got a bit more context, let me give you a detailed guide to get the same results you saw in the video where we show how you can use ChatGPT Images to generate pictures of yourself.

Here’s what you need to do:

1/ Create an account on Argil: here

2/ Upload 10-20 pictures of yourself from different angles

3/ Train the model with our fine-tuning technology

4/ Click on ‘Launch Training’, you’ll get notified once it’s done

5/ Create an account on ChatGPT

6/ Choose the Plugin you want to use

7/ Ask GPT to generate ChatGPT Images you want

Here’s an example of what you could get in case you never saw the video demo: Here

The Future of ChatGPT Images:

At Argil our final goal is to be seen as the horizontal player of Generative AI, enabling all potential usages not just ChatGPT Images but every workflow that needs AI tools steps.

If you don’t yet know what an AI-automated workflow is, you can read this article we wrote that gives you the perfect definition of what it is: Here.

Image generation is at the heart of many industries, leveraging them in streamlining workflows in an automated way can maximize quality, decrease the needed time, and decrease the cost to get those.

If you want to learn more about us you can check our blog: here

If you have any feature inquiries don’t hesitate to reach out on our socials, we’ll be glad to jump on a call with you and see how we could help you out!

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