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March 4, 2024

How to Use AI Design for Your Preppy Room Decor

Step into the future of interior design with Argil's AI solutions. Learn to effortlessly create and visualize your preppy room decor with the power of AI.

Othmane Khadri


  • Rise of AI reshaping the interior design industry.
  • AI's capabilities in generating various types of images.
  • Importance of visualization for informed purchasing.
  • AI design allows customization based on actual room photos.

The rise of AI is currently reshaping the interior design industry.

As you may have seen it in the last 10 months, the launch of ChatGPT opened the world to the power of LLMs and the impact they can have on broad industries.

AI is not only good for generating text, but it can:

  • Generate images.
  • Generate images out of images.
  • Generate images out of sketches.
  • generate storyboards out of text descriptions.

Do you get it? AI design will become a real thing.

In this article, you’ll learn how AI generates a preppy room decor style.

The Importance of Visualization Before a Purchase Decision

Every purchase decision of decorations is based on 3 components:

  • Your personal preferences.
  • Your currently designed room.
  • The representation of your building and how it can look like.

That’s why in many cases, people purchase decorations that don’t match their room and decide to send them back.

Between 20-30% of products bought online are sent back. That’s not because they don’t match personal preferences or how your room is designed. It happens because there’s a gap between the representation and the reality.

The only way to tackle this is to provide a concrete way to project the representation into a concrete visualization.

That’s how you allow people to make thoughtful and confident purchase decisions.

If you want a preppy room decor, you need to visualize it on Pinterest on rooms that don’t match yours.

This is a massive limitation, lack of flexibility and realism. How can you project the decoration you want to purchase or the new style into your room if it’s not your room?

AI design is solving that challenge.

You can take a picture of your room, write how you want it to look, and get an accurate visual of how it could look like.

What is the best about it? If you’re not happy with the results, you can try again.

AI design will and is already a game-changer.

The Role of AI in Interior Design

The role of designers is as follows:

  • Understand the needs of the client.
  • Create the first draft versions of what the client wants.
  • Iterate based on feedback until you reach common ground.

If we extrapolate the role of a designer is to:

  • Build context.
  • Use their skills for the creation.

And guess what? AI can take this role, which is why AI design will become real.

What AI provide that designer won’t is the following:

  • Low price of iterations.

If you’re unhappy with your preppy room decor result, you can iterate as much as you want for a meager price. Each iteration builds context and provides a tangible example of what you like and don’t like.

AI design gives an immersive approach to iteration.

The Challenges of Using AI for Room Decor

You might need to use a base model/template for effective results to get the desired results.

Here’s what this means:

Model: Different pictures of your room to use as an example in your generation.

Template: Folder of different images you generated that correspond to the output you wish to have.

On top of that, you’ll have to write optimized prompts so that your generation is good, and prompting is not easy.

That’s on the side of technology usage, but these challenges can be overcome to get your desired style, such as preppy room decor.

On the other hand, interior designers might oppose using this technology. Indeed the fear of it replacing human creativity and taking over their jobs.

What will happen? No one knows, but what’s sure is that end-consumers will have a lot to say regarding this.

How Argil Makes Using AI Easy

At Argil, we understood that:

  • Prompting was hard.
  • Building your own template is exhausting.
  • Training the AI over your data is long and challenging.

This is why we decided to launch Argil’s playground, you can experiment with the following use cases:

  • Generate images out of single text descriptions.
  • Give a sketch and write what you want it to look like.
  • Give an image as an input and describe what you want.

This is from a super-friendly user interface.

You can create an account now and use Argil to decorate your room and effortlessly create diverse design concepts, explore various styles and layouts, and ultimately make informed purchase decisions without needing extensive knowledge or experience in AI.

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