Launch Your Product in Any Language with Argil's AI Script Generator


  • AI Script Generator simplifies video creation.
  • Generate videos in multiple languages.
  • Boosts conversion rates significantly.
  • Overcome language barriers effortlessly.
  • Create professional videos with AI clone.
  • Seamless product launch with AI Script Generator.

One of the biggest challenges faced by SaaS founders when launching new products internationally is succeeding in their multilingual communication strategy.

Unfortunately, many fail to get it right, as they have limited resources. In essence, having capital constraints means sacrificing one thing for another.

Language barriers will no longer hold you back (even for your video content).

We’ve been working for months now, and we’re super proud to announce that you can generate videos in multiple languages directly from a script without having to record yourself every time or add a soundtrack in the other language, which would mean hiring voice actors.

With the Argil AI script generator, you can create promotional videos in multiple languages using a single initial deepfake video.

Why should you use video for product launches?

Video is the most powerful online communication medium. Whether you want it or not, it has the highest conversion rate among all other formats.

People resonate with it because it can transmit many emotions: voice, images, body language, and music.

All these components play a significant role in the transmission of information.

When launching a new product, you want to transfer information to the right people and make them act on it.

A new product always means questions regarding:

→ The value proposition.

→ The ease of use (UX & UI).

→ The potential ROI for the user.

→ The current cost of inaction for the user.

And publishing 1 launch video only in English might not cut it.

Share a launch video in each language of your user base to increase your conversion rate and familiarity with your audience.

Argil’s AI video script generator: How do you use it?

When we built Argil, we had one interest at heart: to make video creation seamless.

While video production is a major obstacle, it’s not the only one. For some people, scripting a video can be as challenging as recording it.

What should I write about?

What are the copywriting best practices?

What templates can I use for this specific content?

This is how we came up with the AI script generator. It is your writing assistant who can, based on any idea you share, write the first version of a script you can use to generate any video.

Now, how can you adapt this to a video production launch?

Well, it’s simple: you can research the local cultural aspects of the different audiences for which you want to do a specific video and let the AI script generator adapt your initial script to them.

Quite powerful, no?

Essentially, you could get any video generated on Argil in 6 steps:

Step 1: Upload a 2-minute video of you

Step 2: Train your deepfake (right voice, body language, and face)

Step 3: Provide product details and key messaging.

Step 4: Argil's AI generates compelling video scripts in any language.

Step 5: Create a fully edited video draft with your AI clone delivering the script.

Step 6: Customize with captions, B-rolls, and transitions for a professional finish.

You could even upload your b-rolls as you launch a new product for which you want to use your assets.

Argil’s AI script generator is the other half of the equation, making video production seamless.

If you want to skip our waitlist and use our technology, join us here.