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July 6, 2024

LinkedIn Marketing Agency: Video Content for busy CEOs with Argil

Learn how LinkedIn Marketing Agency Argil enables CEOs to build a strong personal brand with AI-generated video content, making it easy and efficient.

Othmane Khadri


  • CEO branding on LinkedIn is essential
  • LinkedIn has +900 million users
  • 48% of company reputation from CEO brand
  • Argil's deepfake generator simplifies video creation
  • Create a year’s video content in a week
  • LinkedIn Marketing Agency Argil boosts CEO brands
  • LinkedIn Marketing Agency: Video Content for busy CEOs with Argil

    Creating a strong personal brand as a CEO is no longer an option - it’s a necessity. LinkedIn hosts a user base of +900 million users, making it the go-to platform for brand building and forming connections for CEOs.

    The importance of personal brand for CEOs of LinkedIn Marketing Agencies

    The research has been conducted and the results are conclusive:

    1) Company reputation: 48% of your company’s reputation can be attributed to your CEO brand - making it a critical component in the court of public opinion.

    2) Customer purchasing decision: customers are 61% more likely to purchase from your company if your values as a leader have been clearly communicated.

    3) CEO performance: The highest-performing CEOs are twice as likely to have at least two active social media accounts as the lowest-performing CEOs, indicating a correlation between personal branding and leadership success.

    4) Investor confidence: 87% of investors consider your personal brand a major factor in their decision to invest.

    5) Talent acquisition and retention: A strong CEO brand can lead to a 70% increase in attracting and retaining talent, a significant advantage in a competitive job market.

    Despite compelling data from research, a staggering 61% of CEOs still do not actively invest into a personal brand. But this isn’t to call you out, it’s to signal a big opportunity for forward-thinking leaders like you who are willing to craft content at scale to develop your CEO brand on LinkedIn.

    By leveraging tools like Argil to generate video content effortlessly you can easily capitalise on the benefits without any technical expertise or expensive equipment to get you there.

    If you want to be one of the first CEOs to take advantage of Argil, skip the waitlist here:

    Video is (still) the best way to engage your audience

    As far as building a personal brand goes, LinkedIn’s new feature reinforces that video content is (still) the kingpin and medium of choice for consumable content. Video is Nx more engaging than text based content.

    As LinkedIn evolves it is following the path of many other social media platforms in favouring short form video content above all else for engagement and retention purposes (the average Tik Tok user spends upwards of 10 mins per session). It’s a proven pattern and it comes as no surprise they have launched their new ‘shorts’ feature - an opportunity that must be capitalised as the CEO of a LinkedIn marketing agency.

    But establishing a strong presence on LinkedIn comes with significant effort in maintaining the consistent posting schedule that content platforms demand, and this is where many CEOs understandably struggle given their already demanding schedules.

    However, there’s a distinct possibility that shortly, creating engaging videos without buying a camera or spending hours editing becomes possible. Even without ever being in front of the camera at all…

    Argil’s deepfake generator allows CEOs to create engaging videos with your personal AI avatar at scale by automating parts of the video production process.

    Argil’s deepfake generator for effortless Video Content at Scale

    This technology we’ve built centralises all the effort required into 1 application to record, edit and publish your LinkedIn videos. No technical expertise or expensive equipment required.

    Argil's deepfake generator is an AI-powered tool that creates realistic videos using a short training video of the CEO. Our technology allows you to produce high quality video content without requiring anyone to be present for each filming session.

    Here’s how getting started looks:

    1. Train a video of you (CEO) to get your AI avatar model (voice, body language, face)
    2. Script your videos yourself or use our AI assistant to create a draft for you
    3. Choose transitions, B-rolls, and captions you want (no editing required)
    4. Generate your video
    5. Edit the script to modify it
    6. Publish

    As simple as it gets. You can create a year’s worth of video content in a week without compromising on quality or authenticity.

    How a LinkedIn Marketing Agency Can Truly Leverage Argil

    For LinkedIn marketing agencies, Argil’s value doesn’t stop at effortless video content creation at scale for the CEOs personal brand. Its automated video production also offers pathways to provide:

    • VSLs (transcript to video, no filming each time)
    • Personalised video messages (higher open rates)
    • Longer thought leader videos sharing insights (value at scale)

    With built in captions and multi language capabilities you can produce content that reaches far wider than your english/american audiences (and clients).

    The real advantage to training a model with the CEO is not just in developing a strong personal brand but also in humanising many of the touchpoints that the audience or customers may have with the company.

    Video content can make you as the CEO appear more approachable and relatable, thereby humanising the brand and building more trust in the company.

    If you’re a forward thinking CEO and are truly ready to capitalise on the opportunity LinkedIn is presenting its platform, you can skip our waitlist here:

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    Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.