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July 6, 2024

Linkedin new features: LinkedIn shorts for creators

LinkedIn’s new Shorts feature revolutionizes content creation. Use Argil’s deepfake generator to easily create engaging video content.

Othmane Khadri


  • LinkedIn Shorts enhance creator engagement.
  • Video content boosts visibility on LinkedIn.
  • Argil’s deepfake generator simplifies video production.
  • Short-form videos capture attention quickly.
  • Early adopters benefit from higher engagement.
  • LinkedIn’s video focus increases professional content consumption.
  • Linkedin new features: LinkedIn shorts for creators

    LinkedIn is massively changing and content creators are starting to understand its potential.

    We’re seeing more and more Video Native creators go all in on LinkedIn to build their presence as well.

    The platform's latest feature tells a lot about it: A scrollable feed with LinkedIn Shorts.

    This is massive as it shows B2B is changing: hiring needs content, acquiring professional needs content, and what is the best form of content?


    LinkedIn shorts mirror the need for better engagement and retention communication. While writing content is great, adding this on top improves the platform's features for creators.

    Video scrolling experience is the most addictive form of content consumption, and LinkedIn shorts is a testimonial of this need.

    While this is a big opportunity for content creators, we all know how dreadful video production can be.

    So, how can you capitalize on LinkedIn short to boost visibility and engagement without spending hours creating video content?

    At Argil, we’ve built our deepfake generator SOTA model to solve that.

    You can generate fully edited and captioned shorts in 2 minutes with your AI clone (personal avatar) talking with your voice and body language to a camera.

    New LinkedIn positioning

    LinkedIn's scrolling feed offers a fluid browsing experience that's likely to keep users engaged for longer.

    TikTok users spend an average of 10.85 minutes per session on the app, and while LinkedIn users mainly use the app during work breaks, we can definitely expect an increase in content consumption out of these moments, which would make LinkedIn a real content consumption platform.

    This is not an assumption. It’s a pattern every other platform went through: TikTok, YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and even Snapchat Spotlight.

    These short-form videos are designed to capture attention quickly, making them a perfect medium for sharing insights, showcasing expertise, or building your personal brand.

    Early adopters in industries like tech, finance, and marketing already see the potential for increased visibility and engagement through this format.

    If you’re a video editor or content creator and want to be an early adopter of this unsaturated opportunity, join us here:

    Short-Form content impact on consumption

    The massive adoption from creators, solopreneurs, infopreneurs, and even CEOs of short-form content is not a trend. This is backed by DATA, that proves conversion is higher when this content is adopted and shared.

    72% of consumers now prefer video to text content.

    LinkedIn took some time before releasing this new feature and now we can be sure they’ll go all in on video content:

    1. Because it increase engagement
    2. With the right tools it can be easier than ‘good’ copywriting
    3. The reach will be proportionally higher as it’s a new feature

    Short-form content will become the N1 way of communication across socials.

    Argil: The leverage Leverage for LinkedIn Shorts at Scale

    This is where Argil's deepfake generator becomes your highest leverage for growth on LinkedIn.

    Our deepfake maker allows you to create LinkedIn Shorts without stepping in front of a camera every day, here's how:

    1. Create your AI close with a 2-minute recording of yourself: Record a natural video of yourself with the right body language and gestures.
    2. Use the dynamic and AI editing features at your disposal on Argil to ass captions, transitions, and even B-rolls.
    3. If you wish, you can Translate your videos to any language to expand your reach and target new markets.

    Now imagine what you could do mixing LinkedIn Shorts and Argil’s deepfake generator.

    Generating a full week of video content in one hour will become the norm.

    If you want to create effective content at scale by leveraging your personal avatar, join us here:

    Crafting Effective LinkedIn Shorts with Argil

    To make the most of LinkedIn shorts and Argil's capabilities, keep these 3 tips in mind:

    1. When creating content, focus on relevance: Deliver valuable content that aligns with your professional expertise, your audience's interests, and your positioning.
    2. Hook them fast: This rule remains the same. You need to get their attention within the first two seconds of the video.
    3. Be consistent in your creation, but keep A/B testing new things to see what performs best with your audience.

    Argil is making video production easier, and LinkedIn is making communication in B2B easier so use both to get the most out of your LinkedIn content strategy.

    If you want to create effective content at scale by leveraging your personal avatar, join us here:

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    Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.