Midjourney Like results: New models on Argil


  • Argil has significantly improved current models.
  • The update includes new photorealistic & cartoon models.
  • The default platform model (SDXL) underwent huge enhancements.
  • Midjourney-like results achieved with new models and training.
  • The update allows background removal from images.
  • User feedback and ideas welcomed on their Discord server.

Argil: The next Midjourney for Image generation without prompting

We just released a huge update for image generation:

  • Current models got better
  • We also added new photorealistic & cartoon models.

See examples 👇

A thorough documentation with prompts & tips can be found here.

Huge update on the default model (SDXL)

A mind-blowing update was released on the default platform model (SDXL). To make it simple, everything is much better. See for yourself and try it on the platform.

4 new models: Midjourney-like results

We've just added 4 new models to the platform, 3 photorealistic and 1 cartoon. Here's a benchmark (prompts here).

Training upgrade: Midjourney-like results

You can also train your own data on the new models, especially "Vivid" which performs well on faces and objects.

Here's an example:

Remove background

We also added the ability to remove the background from an image. To do so, hover an image and click the "brush" icon on the top right.

As usual, feel free to swing by our Discord server to share feedback & ideas!

Laodis Menard