Unlocking Competitive Advantage: AI automation is the new SaaS.


  • SaaS platforms integrating AI will be more personalized
  • Argil introduces AI automation to streamline workflows
  • AI automation combats platform-hopping inconvenience
  • AI automation on Argil can write full articles
  • AI revolutionizes SaaS with industry-agnostic personalization
  • AI empowers no-code, tailor-made micro SaaS solutions
  • Argil bridges tech skill gap in SaaS creation

I am sure many of you have heard this term all over social networks and the internet in the recent 3 years. But do you really know what it means? And I am not talking about the acronym but the roots of the concept.

SAAS stands for software as a service, and the purpose of it is the following:

Create an application that runs instantly an action to get a desired output, without the application that action would correspond to a succession of steps each running on a different technology.

A Saas thus tackles the difficulty to connect the tech or the time it would need an individual to get an output.

The recent evolution of AI reshuffled the card for SaaS builders as they will be looking at integrating AI in their existing SaaS but also building from scratch SaaS exclusively based on AI

On the other hand, everyday users also find themselves in a new spot:

Why subscribe to a SaaS if they can just use ChatGPT?

This question opens another: how long before AI can run in an automated way and provide people with better output than SaaS?

SaaS are amazing, but have heard about AI automation?

It has never been easier to build a tool for a specific niche market and make people pay for it. You can identify a challenge experienced by enough people, build your solution and distribute it in the form of Software.

Yes, it’s exciting, but this also got its limits. With the emergence of SaaS that enables people to build their own applications in no code, it’s a matter of years before each individual can build a personalized and independent micro-saas adapted to their needs.

That’s what I thought until a few months ago when I joined Argil my perception completely changed as a new concept is rising:

AI automation.

As said before the rise of AI enables new types of SaaS to emerge, with those new tools new use cases but each of these use cases evolve in independent environments while the synergies between them are super high.

Let’s say I want to use AI for my SEO, I need to reflect on two things:

1/ What am I going to write about?

2/ How can I make sure my Article is optimized for SEO performance

3/ What images can I use for my Article

Here’s the process you’d think about as an AI nerd:

1/ Use an SEO tool such as Semrush to get the best articles for your keyword

2/ Use chatGPT to compress those articles and write a new one

3/ Use MidJourney or stable diffusion to generate the images for your article

But that means jumping from one platform to another. What if I told your that ai automation was the solution for that?

That’s what is being built at Argil, workflows to automate your tasks and make sure you don’t have to jump from one tool to another.

It’s time to focus on the creative and strategic part of your business.

This is an ai automation on the platform you can already use giving as input the text of an article you wish to Illustrate.

Very soon you’ll also be able to use ai automation to write a full article based on the keyword you want and a benchmark article that scored top on that keyword and then illustrate that one.

AI automation will be a real game changer in the way people use SaaS.

How Argil’s AI automation is reshaping the roots of the SaaS Landscape

Every SaaS is using API calls, which corresponds to an easy way to integrate an existing application/technology into your platform without having to build it from scratch.

This allows you to scale the striking strength of your tool without interfering with your initial positioning, but is it competitive enough with the revolution of ai automation?

Personally, I’d say that not for long, the reason why people use SaaS is because it’s convenient, they may not provide exactly what you need but it’s the best existing way to get approximately as good a result as you want.

Now with argil ai automation, you can choose from all the existing steps provided on the platform and build a tailor-made workflow specific to your need.

On top of that, you can also train the AI on your datasets and improve further the ability it has to deliver your unique products.

Let’s say you want to build a super-hero avatar App for children, here’s how the process would look like:

1/ Input 20 pictures from different angles of your child

2/ Describe each picture differently

3/ Click on: ‘train model’

You now can use this model in all your generations.

It’s the first time that SaaS personalisation can be done horizontally and agnostic of the industry of your product. Argil is also bridging the gap between tech skills to build a SaaS and all the use-case you can build.

AI automation is a new way for people to build in no-code and in just a few clicks a completely personalized micro SaaS that tackles a specific painful process they’re experiencing.

Othmane Khadri