Your SEO automation with Midjourney-like results (No need for Midjourney API)


  • SEO automation requires scalable solutions.
  • Midjourney API was needed for image generation.
  • Argil's AI automation fills the Image quality gap.
  • Create workflows for seamless SEO automation.
  • Access Argil API for application integration.
  • Future updates ensure ongoing improvements.
  • Stay ahead with Argil's advanced features.

What’s amazing about technological breakthroughs is that their industry agnostic, the impact they have is horizontal and everyone can find a way to leverage the technology to their own advantage.

One of the industries that will seriously evolve from what AI allows to do is SEO. It’s a long and daunting process where repetition is always present and automation alone fails to deliver the needed efficiency.

What you need to automate SEO is a scalable solution that follows your Blog Creation process while taking into consideration the specific attributes of your niche such as:

  • The context for each article
  • The Image type you want to add
  • The format of your CMS (Summary, Meta Title, Meta Description, etc)

This was not possible before AI as you’ll take more time to manually change variables in your automation than it would require you to do it by yourself.

On top of that, there was no solution on the market that’s multimodal (Generation of Image creation and text creation out of text input) automation. Because yes, Image is a super important component of your SEO article.

With the launch of Midjourney and Gpt-4 people saw the potential for SEO but the absence of Midjourney API made it impossible to scale the image creation process.

It can take you easily between 5-15 minutes to generate one picture for your article using the current form of the Midjourney process. Midjourney API is not the only reason, the quality of the images you can get on Midjourney was recognized as way better than what you could get on other foundational models for image generation.

Well, that was the case until we at Argil fine-tuned the latest model that Stable Diffusion releases and show that Midjourney API is not a must to generate super-realistic and high-quality results.

We’re bridging the gap between the absence of Midjourney API and the quality of the results that may still be lacking.

SEO: Why do you need Midjourney API

Let’s get a bit more into why and how Midjourney API was a necessity for the SEO automation to make sense and how we’re solving that.

To properly Illustrate and automate the CMS fillup of your SEO articles you need a contextual understanding of the Article. GPT-4 is super efficient for this step, but you can’t use it to generate Images.

For that, it’s either through Midjourney or through other foundational models such as Stable diffusion. You can use different platforms for that but the absence of Midjourney API made it become the leader in image generation for the first 8 months of release of their model.


Because you have to create a discord account and interact with their chatbot to generate pictures. It’s a super heavy customer experience but as long as the gap of image quality was still present, it made sense for people to go through this to get what they need.

And without Midjourney API it made no sense for people to build SEO automation because, without the Image, there’s no real gain of time in your process, and without the Midjourney API, there’s no way to scale the process.

At least, that was before you encounter Argil, because we made sure the absence of Midjourney API was not a problem in this process.

What you need to scale and automate your SEO is intent in your process creation:

On Argil you can create a workflow, and see it as a successive trigger of actions that would have normally required your intervention (interacting with AI) but that doesn’t need it now.

Here’s a representation of the workflow ‘Illustrate an Article’ you can already use on Argil:

SEO is not just about images and text the intent is important and AI is the solution that provides you with the necessary components to scale the creation and publishing process.

Argil automation: No need for Midjourney API for your SEO

On argil, you can create the complete flow described above, and without the need for any of the Midjourney API or GPT-4 APi, we have managed to build the right infrastructure for you.

Here’s what you need to do:

1/ Create an account on Argil and take a classic subscription

2/ Create a workflow with both ASk GPT and Image generation inputs

3/ Define your prompt accordingly based on your niche, your keyword, and the text output you wish to have.

4/ Input the Article you wrote and get as output:

  • Multiple images contextual to your niche
  • Summary
  • Meta description
  • Meta title

And all the other variables you would have set in your automation. Building this automation now on Argil is the best thing to do, and here’s why:

If Midjourney API gets released and the quality of the image generated is still way above the competitors, we’ll directly integrate it into Argil and you will be able to use it.

If Midjourney API does not get released, the quality of Stable Diffusion keeps improving and every new update of the model gets instantly integrated into Argil.

You can have the best of both worlds and can focus on what matters in your business.

How to scale your SEO processes with Argil?

If you have a specific use case in mind that requires multiple integrations to scale your SEO process, you can share it with us and we’ll be happy to see how we can help you.

In the meantime, you can already access our API and integrate it into your application or automation.

Be reassured what you see now in our studio is the V1 of our product, what is coming in the next few months will blow your mind. SEO automation will mean a completely new thing and you’ll be amazed by it.

Let me tease you a bit:

  • Conversational creation
  • Automation/chat per vertical you have
  • Contextual input such as PDF or any brand document

All of these are coming, and if you have any specific inquiries or looking for a specific feature DO NOT HESITATE to contact us.

We’re here to build proactively, we help people looking for a Midjourney API and we’ll help you even more if you give us feedback and let us hear your voice.

Othmane Khadri