AI Marketing will scale automation in your business


  • AI Marketing Automation is already here.
  • It provides personalized marketing at scale.
  • AI systems can analyze and learn from data.
  • Predictive analysis can provide valuable insights into future trends.
  • Argil gives you the tools to create personalized AI Marketing Automation workflow.

Automation is a super power in Your Business, AI Marketing enhance it.

AI Marketing Automation is no longer the future - it's here, right now, transforming businesses worldwide.

Think about this: it's a busy Monday morning, and your marketing team is swamped with tasks. With AI Marketing Automation, you can sit back, sip your coffee, click on a few buttons to set up your Marketing Automation and you’re good to go.

The trust in AI is that it’s already better, more precise, and more efficient than us for many tasks.

Consider the story of Lisa. She is the head of marketing at a fast-growing startup. Her team was always running behind deadlines. Their biggest challenge? Generate Storyboards of future advertising campaigns for their clients before each meeting.

Most of the time they give them short notice for some major modifications. Before AI marketing automation, the solution was sleepless nights and 10 coffees.

However, now the situation is different, with image generation and automation processes this process can be streamlined and made independent.

That’s not the only use-case, AI marketing automation is completely reshaping email marketing:

With thousands of subscribers, personalizing emails was almost impossible. Now personalized emails are sent out like clockwork, resulting in higher engagement and happier customers.

The Heart of AI Marketing Automation

AI Marketing Automation lies in its ability to learn from data. Unlike traditional automation tools, AI-powered ones can analyze vast amounts of data, learn from them, and make decisions. In our two previous examples, the AI system learned from:

1/ Subscribers' behaviors and adapted the emails accordingly.

2/ Human preferences and configuration of the needed information to set up an automated marketing workflow.

Let’s push that further, shall we?

Now imagine you own a bookstore and one of your customers (Let’s call him John), buys mystery novels only.

Integrating AI Marketing automation into your workflow will enable you to send personalized little stories of books corresponding to John’s preferences.

Now you just pushed marketing campaigns to the next level, what was prior seen as harassment can now skyrocket your sales. The most fascinating about this? No human intervention is needed - the AI does it all.

The Unseen Benefits of AI Marketing Automation

We’ve talked about the advantage of AI Marketing Automation but forget to mention the biggest revolution that’s coming in that regard: Predictive analysis.

With enough data, AI can predict future trends and behaviours. For instance, it can anticipate a surge in demand for a product and adjust marketing strategies accordingly.

Let's consider an online clothing store. The AI system notices a pattern: every year, sales for winter jackets spike in October.

Using this information, you can decide what must be the next steps based on your global strategy, share it with the AI, and let it suggest all the possibilities you have such as: launching the winter jacket campaign earlier, say, in September.

The result? A head starts on competitors and increased sales.

Argil prepares you for the AI Marketing Automation Revolution

If you’re reading this today it means one thing: you’re way ahead of your competitors and that’s a good sign. However as it’s a new topic, AI Marketing Automation may seem daunting.

But, with the right approach (Using Argil), it can become an indispensable tool.

Here’s a little process you can do now:

1/ Start by identifying repetitive marketing tasks.

2/ Consider the data you have at your disposal.

3/ Decompose each task into a flow of independent actions.

4/ Centralise all the tools you currently use to perform those.

Once you did that you just created a workflow without being aware, and that’s perfect because Argil automates those using AI to let you focus on more strategic decisions or just free your time.

One of our friends Lisa, started and Marketing agency and was always in need of images for upcoming advertising campaigns.

She asked if we could help her in the automation process, to which we answered yes and designed the following process:

1/ Take a picture of the model you want to create ads for.

2/ Upload them on argil to train the AI over them.

3/ Choose the templates you want: Christmas, Halloween, Cozy…

4/ Generate ideation images for your upcoming campaign

Seeing its success, it expanded to other areas like social media posts and customer segmentation. Today, AI is an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Our AI solutions are designed not only to transform your marketing strategy and enhance your brand's customer engagement but to decrease the needed time and effort currently deployed for those.

Othmane Khadri