AI TikTok video generator: how to use them as an independent content creator


  • Revolutionary AI TikTok video generator launched.
  • Streamlines video production for all creators.
  • No camera needed, dynamic editing features.
  • Empowers B2B and consumer-focused creators.
  • Supports multilingual content creation.
  • Features A/B testing, automated captions.

TikTok video content is becoming one of the main sources of communication between content creators and their audiences.

However, creating high-quality TikTok videos can be time-consuming and resource-intensive.

As the content creator market grows (everyone will ultimately become creators), we need new tools to empower the rising generations.

While many perceive AI as a source of low-quality abundance, I disagree.

That’s why we decided to build the first AI TikTok video generator: to provide independent and established content creators with a solution to streamline their video content creation components.

The first SaaS that gives creators a solution to create video content with dynamic editing features, seamless ideas sourcing, and no camera needed.

If you’ve been creating 9:16 videos, you can now use Argil and get your videos within a minute script by providing a script and training a 2-minute video of yourself.

Our AI TikTok video generator is the first all-in-one solution for content creators, consolidating multiple tools in a single platform.

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The rise of short-form video

TikTok has over 1.5 billion monthly active users, and 44% of marketers produce short-form videos as they offer the highest ROI.

This sentence alone should trigger any content creator to start creating short-form video content, so why are some still reluctant?

They think they need:

  1. A team of copywriters, video editors, and content strategists.
  2. Top equipment
  3. Full days of work to record, edit, and publish

Well, they’re quite right.

This is why we launched our AI TikTok video generator: to give creators a tool in their tech stack that streamlines creation.

This is not only for independent content creators.

As 33% of marketers say they don’t have enough time to create video content, we made sure the features we provide can be used as much by B2B creators as by people targeting consumers.

Short-from video content is proven to drive higher engagement and retention rates compared to longer formats, and we’re providing a solution for any creator to try it by themselves.

Argil's AI TikTok Video Generator: Features and Benefits

As I mentioned above, we want to ensure that short-form video creation is streamlined as much as possible, but what does it mean concretely?

Here are the main features you can play with on argil:

1) Automated captions, B-rolls, and transitions.

This is especially important because 69% of TikTok users watch videos with the sound off. This setting is perfect for keeping them hooked and maximizing the performance of your video.

2) PreIndited video drafts.

In a recent survey, 65% of video marketers said pre-made templates help them save time.

We want to build that experience with Argil’s AI video generator, which has proven to be effective in maximizing the efficiency of content creators with templates.

3) A/B testing capabilities

Content creators who consistently do it increase their video views by an average of 35%.

You can easily create different versions of your content on Argil to A/B test it.

4) Multilingual content creation

Take your favorite TikTok English content creators.

See their following count? Well, it has only been built on 40% of the total TikTok users.

60% of TikTok’s user base comprises non-English speakers, so I let you imagine the potential of multilingual content creation and how this can lead to a drastic increase is audience base for creators.

How does Argil’s AI TikTok Video generator work?

Argil AI TikTok video generator is based on deepfake technologies.

Our proprietary model is currently the most advanced in the market. It lets you train your AI deepfake clone based on a 2-minute video you provide.

Once you’ve trained a model of yourself, you can select it anytime to record a video, write a script, or let our AI assistants do it for you. Just click and generate, and that’s it.

Our AI TikTok video generator is so easy to use that production costs will never be a problem for content creators again.

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