Argil deepfake generator: The d-id alternative for content creators


  • Argil: D-ID alternative for content creators.
  • AI-driven video creation and editing.
  • Centralized scripting and publishing platform.
  • Record once, produce multiple videos.
  • Seamless, straightforward user experience.
  • Argil boosts content production efficiency.

Video is the future of personal branding. You need to integrate this component into your content strategy to catch an audience's attention.

The only challenge is that video production is costly and energy-intensive. This barrier to entry has led many creators to ignore this format, which could have skyrocketed their results.

Yet, as we saw it, AI is bringing its fair share of solutions to any equation, including a ‘production’ variable.

This led us to create the first deepfake generator exclusively reserved for content creators.

Some might be opposed, but we think in the very near future, AI avatars will make video content more authentic than highly-edited videos for a very odd reason:

You’ll only have to record yourself once (on your best day), and we’ll be able to reproduce it with our deepfake generator for you.

Forget about HeyGen or D-id. Argil is a HeyGen alternative and a D-id alternative for content creators.

How is Argil a D-ID alternative?

Unlike d-id or HeyGen, Argil has been built specially. for lean video creation, editing, and distribution.

The promise is simple: You’ll create more videos in 1 month than last year.

On top of our proprietary model, you won’t have to juggle between 10 different apps and services, we centralized the whole scripting, editing, A/B testing, and publishing experience.

How does Argil works in comparison to D-ID

We emphasize this much on Argil’s deepfake generator being the N1 alternative for D-ID and HeyGen for content creators because…

How seamless it is to us our platform. It is impossible to get more straightforward:

  1. Record a 2 minutes video footage of yourself
  2. Upload the video and start training a model
  3. Choose the model you trained
  4. Script a video you want to generate
  5. Check the render
  6. Edit the script (this will directly regenerate the deepfake video)
  7. Batch produce a month’s worth of content in one session

You heard here first, Argil’s is THE alternative for content creators looking to scale their video production.

Key features making Argil the d-id alternative

We’re creators; we know the best practices, standard processes, and bottleneck tasks.

Here’s a non-exhaustive list of the features you could get access to:

  1. Consistent captioning (which increases video engagement 2x)
  2. Scripting from our AI assistant from a single content idea
  3. Adding b-roll footage (increases retention by 40%)
  4. Multilingual translation to reach border audiences

If you’re a content creator and want to integrate AI into your video production process, join us: here.