Argil: the first AI reel generator


  • Argil's AI reel generator automates short-form content creation
  • Leverage AI to generate personalized videos using your own face
  • Create consistent, scalable reels for your social media platforms
  • Experiment with different styles and formats to find the best content
  • Reduce time and costs associated with traditional video production
  • AI-powered reel generator helps content creators keep up with demand

By 2025, short-from videos are expected to make up 82% of all internet traffic.

But there’s a problem. Not everyone can create quality short-form videos at scale to build their online presence.

We’re facing a big risk: Experienced content creators and brands with enough budget will benefit from most of the traffic generated with short-form videos.

That’s understandable when you see how hard it is to create content:

  1. Pre-production: You research your topic and take hours writing (boring…)
  2. Production: You need the right camera, light, and background (this is expensive and chaotic)
  3. Post-production: You realize everything you did wrong in step 1&2

Both brands and content creators are experiencing this pain. But search no more, we just built the solution you need to streamline your short-form content: Your Ai reel generator.

With our solution, you’ll be able to create engaging reels efficiently and cost-effectively

(without having to cut your hair every week)

This might sound overwhelming, so let me tell you more about Argil’s AI reel generator.

What is an AI Reel Generator?

Y’all have played with chatGPT? or Midjourney?

Well, our AI reel generator follows the same pattern but to create short-form content of yourself in minutes instead of hours.

We leverage artificial intelligence to automate and streamline the creation process of your reels for social media platforms using your own face.

It’s super simple: Record a 2-minute video of yourself once with the right lighting and non-verbal language relevant to your positioning.

That’s it.

Our AI model will train an avatar version of yourself, which you will use in our AI reel generator whenever you want to create video content for your social media.

Unlike traditional video editing software, our AI reel generator uses a SOTA model we’ve built in-house using top-notch technologies.

The best part is that we’re constantly improving the model. The first users will get an edge over other content creators as they’ll be more familiar with AI reel generator capabilities and how to give the right dataset of videos to get the best version of their avatar.

The rise of AI in content creation

I know that using an AI reel generator might turn off some creators, ‘It’s not creation,’ ‘It’s dumb,’ ‘It’ll never create content I’ll do,’ but still, it’s expected to become a market worth $76.9 billion by 2030.

Want it or not, the benefits are real:

  • At scale personalization of creation
  • Automation of research, pre-scripting, and b-rolls
  • A:B testing of your content ideas with high potential

We know how frustrating using an inefficient and deceptive tool can be.

But we know what it's like to be a content creator (multiple audiences on social media), so we’re building Argil’s AI reel generator with your best interest in mind.

With an insatiable market continuously demanding fresh and engaging content, you need a solution to keep up, especially if you’re using multiple platforms.

How does Argil’s AI reel generator work

As I said above, we have your best interest in mind, and we know what being a content creator is like. With our AI reel generator, you can get short-form videos of yourself in 4 steps:

Step 1: Upload a short video of yourself to create your AI avatar.

Step 2: Our model learns your facial features, mannerisms, and voice to generate a realistic digital clone.

Step 3: Write a script, and our model will generate a fully edited reel with your digital avatar, complete with captions, transitions, and AI b-rolls.

Step 4: Review and edit the AI-generated reel before publishing.

If you decide to use our solution, here are 4 benefits you’ll experience on your first day:

  1. You can produce high-quality reels in minutes, not hours or days, without expensive equipment or editing software.
  2. You can improve the quality and consistency of your content with a consistent brand voice and visual style across all your reels.
  3. You can create reels in multiple languages, explore different styles and formats, and test various content strategies.
  4. You can finally experiment and quickly generate multiple reel variations to identify the most engaging version for your audience.

Our AI reel generator was thought for content creators. So if you’re looking for a solution that’s time and cost-efficient, scalable, consistent and allows you to experiment while building your personal brand: join us here

Othmane Khadri