Argil’s API: Build your deepfake maker


  • Argil's deepfake maker API simplifies video creation
  • Text-to-video, voice cloning, dynamic editing features
  • Target content creators with deepfake maker API
  • Streamline video marketing, EdTech, virtual streaming platforms
  • Corporate training videos through deepfake maker API
  • Build engaging deepfake videos effortlessly with Argil

Deepfake videos flooded all over twitter, Linkedin, YouTube, and Instagram.

Content creators, politicians, influencers, and solopreneurs use them for different reasons. They’re becoming a tangible reality no one can deny, and the potential use cases are infinite.

While some people saw them only as part of a trend that would fade, we at Argil saw an opportunity to build a deepfake maker in stealth month for 6 months and finetune our proprietary model.

We currently have one of the most advanced models and are making it available through Argil’s API for product builders.

Being completely pragmatic, we know we can’t target every vertical in the market, which is precisely why we’ve decided to build the first deepfake maker API.

But what is Argil's deepfake maker, and how could you, as a product builder, leverage Argil’s API for your deepfake project?

Argils API for any deepfake maker application

Our goal is to build the N1 platform for content creators all around the world:

  1. Ideation and scripting
  2. Generation of the videos and editing
  3. Data tracking and publishing

These 3 pillars are the heart of our deepfake maker and target a precise market segment.

The idea behind our deepfake maker is to give a seamless UI&UX to content creators:

  1. Upload a 2 minutes video of yourself (with the right lighting and body language)
  2. Train a model (you can train different ones on the platform)
  3. Choose the right model whenever you want to generate a deepfake

This approach will also be available through Argil’s API, as we want to make the experience of building on top of our deepfake maker seamless for developers, solopreneurs, and existing SaaS looking to integrate the AI layer.

The same approach we adopted for our APP will be adopted for the API:

  1. Easy to use
  2. Flexible
  3. In constant improvement (building based on customer feedback)

If you’d be down to get access to Argil’s API, share with us your use case.:Here

Argil’s API features

If you’re also looking to target content creators and want to have an idea of the features we have built and you could streamline through Argil’s API, here’s a non-exhaustive list:

  1. Text-to-video generation.
  2. Lifelike voice cloning in multiple languages.
  3. Dynamic editing (captions, transitions, AI b-rolls).
  4. Faster iteration with pre-edited drafts.

You could go after dozens of different niche use cases with our deepfake maker.

If you need a hand in getting concrete examples, here’s a list we have built:

Use Cases to build with Argil’s deepfake maker API:

We’re just scratching the tip of the iceberg. Dozens of billion-dollar companies will be built through deepfake models.

Here’s a list of potential markets you could go after:

1) Video marketing agency:

  • Create engaging promotional videos for clients at scale
  • Use AI voiceovers to localize videos in multiple languages
  • Easily update videos by regenerating them with new scripts
  • Test different video formats/hooks through A/B testing

2) EdTech Companies:

  • Generate educational videos with realistic presenters
  • Use deepfake avatars as virtual tutors
  • Localize lessons by cloning instructors' voices in other languages
  • Remix existing videos by appending new intros or chapters

3) Virtual Streamer Platforms:

  • Create deepfake avatars as virtual influencers/personalities
  • Build AI co-hosts to interact with human streamers
  • Use text-to-video to generate dynamic reaction clips
  • Apply visual effects in real-time during streams

4) Corporate Training:

  • Develop engaging training videos at minimal cost
  • Have CEO/SMEs virtually deliver messages via deepfake
  • Recreate scenarios with deepfake actors for roleplaying
  • Continuously update training with new scripts

As said earlier, the potential is endless. You just have to choose an industry you know processes about.

There is no need to bother with the tech with Argil’s API. You could use our deepfake maker and be live within a few weeks if not days.