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July 6, 2024

Argil’s deepfake generator: Split Screens for better engagement

Discover Argil's new split screen feature for its deepfake generator, enhancing video engagement and viewer retention.

Othmane Khadri


  • Split screens boost deepfake generator's engagement
  • Improved viewer retention with dynamic visuals
  • Create professional, sophisticated video content
  • Ideal for tutorials, corporate, and social media
  • Enhance deepfake quality with split screens
  • Argil's platform: efficient, flexible, cost-effective
  • Argil’s deepfake generator: Split Screens for better engagement

    Content creation is changing. Capturing and maintaining viewer attention is becoming a real pain.

    Let’s take TikTok content as an example. Creators saw thriving retention rates through split screening short videos.

    This little feature/strategy allowed creators to display different perspectives or scenes simultaneously, leading to people passively consuming one piece of content while engrossed in another.

    We’ve been working at Argil’s deepfake generator studio on this feature for a while, and we’re happy to keep it available for our early users.

    This lets creators generate a new type of content directly while generating our deepfakes.

    Let’s learn more about the split screen feature:

    Why Split Screens Enhance Video Engagement

    1) Improved viewer retention: You can add dynamic visuals to your split screens to increase engagement rates. This reduces monotony and diversifies the visual stimuli your viewers will get.

    2) Enhanced visual appeal: Split screens break with the traditional format of face-cam short-form content. They allow you to experiment with different styles and choose the one that sticks the most.

    3)Multitasking and parallel storytelling: one feature of split screens many people don’t understand is the ability to contrast what you say with different visuals.

    4) Increased information density: Present more information in less time, catering to audiences with shorter attention spans. This is particularly useful for tutorials, product demos, and interviews where multiple perspectives can be shown concurrently.

    Use Cases of Split Screen Shorts

    But what type of videos can you create with our deepfake generator using the split screen feature?

    Here are 5 different use cases:

    1) For content creators and influencers:

    You can showcase different brand, product, or activity aspects in one video. Use split screens for before-and-after comparisons or multi-angle shots of an event.

    2) Educational videos:

    This is Ideal for tutorials where simultaneous steps or perspectives need to be shown. To improve comprehension, you can display a talking head alongside relevant visuals or infographics.

    1. Corporate training and presentations: You can present multiple streams of information simultaneously, such as slides and a speaker's commentary.
    2. Gaming and esports: You can simultaneously show multiple players' perspectives or different game aspects, enriching the viewer experience.
    3. Social media engagement: You can present dual content, such as reactions and original videos, increasing interaction on platforms like TikTok and Instagram.

    If you need better engagement rates, start creating split-screen videos to help your specific use case by joining us here:

    Split Screens and Perceived Quality of Deepfakes

    Also, as of now, many people can still recognize that AI has generated a video and is using a deepfake technology (even if I would argue what we’ve built is a SOTA model).

    So an unexpected benefit of split screens is the ability to increase the perceived quality of the deepfake:

    You can mask imperfections by drawing attention away from a minor flaw in the deepfake at a specific moment.

    This is also key when you want to diversify the format of your content to continue capturing your audience's attention and converting it later into action.

    Why choose Argil for your split screen Deepfake needs?

    We made sure to offer a unique combination of features, making split screen even more effective:

    1. You can seamlessly create short-form videos of yourself needing only a 2-minute recording of yourself.
    2. You can use pre-edited templates, dynamic editing options, and AI-assisted scripting on Argil.
    3. You can produce at-scale videos of yourself and the A/B test format to see which drives the most traffic.
    4. We’ve built the most cost-effective model: for $49 per month, you can train 5 avatars of yourself and generate up to 25 minutes of videos.

    Video content is the best communication means.

    Argil’s deepfake generator makes it accessible to all.

    Join us and start creating impactful split-screen videos here:

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    Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.