Chat GPT Ask Your PDF: How Argil is Revolutionizing PDF Management


  • AI's bright future highlighted by ChatGPT.
  • Massive untapped AI potential in PDFs.
  • Emergence of 'ChatGPT ask your pdf'.
  • OpenAI introduces multi-context plugin features.
  • Argil's unique take on PDF interaction.
  • Argil's tool: user-friendly and efficient.

ChatGPT was the first step in the revolution that AI represents.

The success of it’s adoption showed 2 things:

  • AI got a bright future.
  • The conversational UI is the best.

Based on these 2 factors, what’s next?

The role of AI is to provide outputs based on inputs.

The output GPT gives is text, and the inputs are:

  • The context.
  • The question.

The logical next steps is to use the power of AI to interact with different context format, and ultimately give different format outputs.

How many companies use PDF as a base of their context? Most…

The current level of data in the form of PDF is massive, and it’s an untapped potential in the realm of AI. That’s why we saw in the last few weeks the rise of ‘ChatGPT ask your pdf’ type of products.

You upload a PDF and you ask your questions, the AI will search on the PDF and answer. The current results are scattered, people are not convinced yet.

In this article we’ll explore how Argil is revolutionizing the chat GPT ask your pdf vision of data management.

Understanding the Challenge with PDFs

PDF’s are self-sufficient source of information, their format make’s it difficult to use it as a base of interaction.

To go faster in their analysis you got 2 things:

  • Control +F.
  • The table of content.

Managing information inside a PDF is daunting, and complex which is exactly why the need of a new solution, revolutionary in it’s essence was important.

The efficient finding of informations is not the only challenge.

The other one is the fact that each company got dozens if not hundreds of pdfs. Some of them covers the same concept, thus if you want a complete context you’ll need to gather information from multiple sources.

ChatGPT ask your PDF tackles both these issues:

  • Cross-PDF context.
  • Similarity instant gathering of the right information.

This new version adds a layer of interactivity in the interaction with your data.

Unveiling the 'Ask Your PDF' Solution

OpenAI understood the importance of this multi-context and multi format interaction with AI. Which is why they launched the plugin features, giving permission to people to build their own use-case of AI X chatgpt.

This is how the plugin ChatGPT Ask Your PDF saw the lights of the day, but as it’s an outsourced feature it’s quality is super questionable.

On top of that many people noticed that it does not always work. You can’t for example use the answer to the previous question as a base for the following one.

What people really want as a solution for the ChatGPT ask your pdf is the following:

  • Conversational interaction.
  • Efficient information extraction.
  • Various PDFs as base of context.
  • Contextual understanding and follow-up questions.
  • Multilingual Support, international brand documentation.

Unfortunately the existing plugin does not answer these needs.

This is why at Argil we decided to build our version of the ChatGPT ask your pdf plugin.

Argil's Unique Take on PDF Interaction

Our mission at Argil is to provide people and teams with a tool that makes it obvious how AI can help be more productive, efficient, and do a better work.

Our Positioning is quite unique as our vision is based on experts, while the current chatGPT ask your pdf plugin is based on an input output vision.

Using Argil you can for instance create your marketing expert and :

  • Upload your documentation (PDFS).
  • Write an optimised system prompt regarding how it works.
  • Give your expert skills (Speak with a document, Speak with a webpage, etc).

The approach we built is:

  • User friendly.
  • Efficient and adapted to your specific use-case.
  • Coherent with the missing components of the current plugin.

If this vision resonates with you and you wish to test the product exclusively, do not hesitate to send me an email at so that we can add you to the private list of alpha testers.

Othmane Khadri