Kwebbelkop: The youtube creator democratizing deepfake generator for content creation


  • Kwebbelkop embraces deepfake generator for content
  • AI seamlessly integrated into his workflow
  • Deepfake generator makes video creation efficient
  • Kwebbelkop leverages technology to stay relevant
  • Affordable deepfake tool levels playing field
  • Kwebbelkop's deepfake strategy detailed for replication

Content will become better with AI.

That’s not the common opinion, but let’s follow history’s patterns. Every new technology has been seen as a risk in its early days, yet it has been accepted by and used by the most performing people in any industry.

It won’t be different in the content creation industry. Deepfakes will replace video creation, and that’s an efficient-focused statement.

At Argil, we’re building the first deepfake generator for content creators who want to integrate AI seamlessly into their workflow.

We aim to empower the next generation of content creators like Kwebbelkop to become even more efficient and qualitative in their content.

So far, deep fakes have been restricted to big studios, but our deepfake generator is affordable and accessible.

You might not become the next Kwebbelkop, but you can become the first of your kind.

You can create your niche of one and use deepfakes to achieve that.

kwebbelkop's successful YouTube Journey

It takes grind to target the gaming industry. People constantly want content, which is pretty repetitive most of the time; thus, there is a need to automate some part of the process.

Kwebbelkop started using AI in its early days and documented his approach on Twitter. As you can presume, many people criticized him and voiced their opposition, but he kept doing his thing, and today’s numbers won’t lie.

You know quite a few things when you have over 15m subscribers on your YouTube channel.

The creator economy is evolving quickly, and Kwebbelkop understands that volume will become even more necessary to be pushed by algorithms. If you want to build a sustainable content funnel, use tools to ease video production.

That’s a fact, not an open question.

Creators face intense pressure and workload to pump out videos to retain their massive audience continually.

Deepfake generators will play a big role in taking some of that workload.

Why use Argil’s deepfake generator?

Our choice-building argil to focus on the Deepfake Generation was a natural decision as we’ve created video content for a decade now:

  • YouTube channels
  • TikTok accounts
  • Movies and series

We know the struggles of video production deeply, as well as the best practices.

We know what it takes to build a YouTube channel and manage it like Kwebbelkop, which is why our user experience and interface are built with intention.

We’re confident about the technology advancement of deepfake generation and thus Argil becoming a major player in the video editing software industry.

In fact, video editing software will become video generation software simultaneously.

How to become the kwebbelkop of your industry

By essence, building an audience through video content means niching down to:

  1. One persona
  2. One format of content (at least when starting)
  3. One personality/hero figure (you)

Once you have identified the market you’re targeting, you need to start distributing video content.

With Argil deepfake generator, here’s the process you could follow:

  1. Train a video of you to get your AI avatar model (voice, body language, face)
  2. Script your videos yourself and use our AI assistant to create a draft for you
  3. Choose transitions, B-rolls, and captions you want
  4. Generate your video
  5. Edit the script to modify it

As simple as it gets.

You can now create AI videos for your social accounts and replicate the strategy Kwebbelkop has been using.

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