How kwebbelkop is revolutionizing the content creation industry with his 100% AI video channels:


  • Kwebbelkop pioneers 100% AI video channels on YouTube.
  • AI video channels streamline content creation process.
  • Enables targeting wider audiences with language flexibility.
  • Faster iterations with AI-generated scripting and editing.
  • AI video channels present new business opportunities.
  • Join the AI video channels revolution with Argil.

The content creation game is evolving super fast. It could be faster than the technology itself.

While adoption dynamics are difficult to predict, tracking the right KPIs of early adopters is the best way to determine whether a technology will drastically impact society.

The frenzy around AI won’t stop because the speed at which models (video, text, image, and sound) evolve is faster than the adoption rate and maximum capacity finding.

Let’s take the AI video industry as an example. The best person to take as an example on that topic is Kwebbelkop and his 15 million YouTube subscribers.

He’s one of the first creators worldwide, if not the first, to publicly discuss using AI to create 100% AI-generated content.

Kwebbelkop started a revolution, and as with every revolution, some pro’s others are against it. But numbers don’t lie, and the performance of the 100% AI-generated content channels is booming.

Let me tell you why:

The Rise of AI Video Channels:

The reason is simple, and if you’ve ever tried to create video content, you know what I am talking about:

  1. Scripting a video
  2. Gathering the right material to shoot the video
  3. Make sure your face looks right that day
  4. Reshoot the video because you forgot to say something
  5. Edit portions of the video (third-party who needs context)

It’s expensive, time-consuming, and painful.

What if there was a way to entertain an audience while creating 100% AI-generated videos?

That’s the context that led to the rise of AI video channels. Creators like kwebbelkop, who saw the potential, knew the tech would follow the adoption.

AI is just another layer in the tech stack of creators, making their mission easier.

Will AI video channels decrease content quality?

I understand the intuition: making something easier = decreasing its quality. But it’s wrong for so many reasons:

  1. Something being easier means more energy and resources to allocate to another component of the process (here being idea sourcing and editing)
  2. The barrier to entry will change but will still exist as long as we have limited attention available (time you spend consuming content every day)

For these 2 reasons, I doubt the content quality will decrease. Yet if you check the comment sections of AI video channels, you’ll notice people batching (yet they are consuming that content) quite paradoxical.

My guess is we’ll experience this:

  1. More people creating AI video channels.
  2. AI models improving the quality of the content.
  3. Batching attention converts to consumption attention.

Quality is the consequence of adoption, and no one can say AI is not being adopted at scale by content creators.

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What are the benefits of AI video channels?

1/ Target wider audiences

The language barrier is a tangible limit to the rise of content creators and the type of audience you could target with a YouTube channel, for instance.

But with a deepfake maker, you could generate videos in any language, choosing your preferred tone.

2/ Faster iterations

When a portion of your content is AI generated it means you saved time in the:

  1. Scripting
  2. Generation
  3. Editing

You could spend more time interacting and publishing videos on complementary topics to see which resonates most with your audience.

3/ Business Opportunity

Last but not least, I do see a new type of agency rising:

  1. You record clients in the best possible setting (2h in a studio)
  2. You create YouTube channels based on their branding
  3. You choose specific topics to address and acquisition funnel (toward 1 product)
  4. You streamline the creation of videos with an AI deepfake maker

There are dozens of agencies of this type you could build.

Our goal with Argil is to enable the next generation of content creators like Kwebellkop to use the most advanced deepfake maker model.

Be part of the revolution.