How to use Argil’s AI deepfake generator for custom videos:


  • Argil's AI deepfake generator crafts custom videos
  • Upload videos, generate AI clone for production
  • Script writing, captions, transitions for custom videos
  • Edit and customize AI-generated custom videos
  • Time-saving tool for content creators' custom videos
  • Join Argil for AI deepfake custom videos

AI deepfake technology is just another tech tool in the stack used by content creators to:

  1. Create content faster
  2. Create better content
  3. Create more original content

The ability to generate customer videos with the creators' faces, voices, and body language is unique and has opened a new realm of possibilities for building an online audience.

An AI deepfake generates in the container, enabling creators to create custom videos with the components mentioned above. In the content creation landscape, the AI deepfake generator we built at Argil is the most advanced one.

Many people haven’t yet become creators because they don’t see how they could allocate 1-2 hours daily to creation.

To give you an idea of the crazy shift we’re experiencing, a recent report by Stanford University showed that the use of AI-generated media is expected to grow by 300% in the next three years.

But how do you practically use one?

That’s the goal of this article: Show you how to create customer videos with Argil’s AI deepfake generator:

Step1: Setting up your argil account

After being onboarded (If you want to be one of the firsts acceding the platform, Join us here)

The video you’ll upload will be used to train a model of yourself (your voice, your mimicks, your body language).

You can also train different models of yourself to diversify the custom videos generated by our AI deepfake generator.

Step2: The creation of your AI clone

Once you upload the different videos of yourself (each of a model), we’ll start the training phase with our proprietary model.

This process ensures the avatar model created is the closest to the original video. As the goal is to use our AI deepfake generator for your custom videos, we don’t want the videos to be of bad quality.

We have your best interest in mind (building an audience and keeping content quality as high as possible).

Video production is a long and dreadful process.

Step 3: Scripting and generating your custom videos

Any content creator will be able to use Argil’s AI deepfake generator:

You can start writing the content you want to share in your custom videos or let our AI content assistant do it.

Yes, you read that right; we included numerous features to help content creators maximize the quality of the content they get with our AI deepfake generator:

→ AI scripts

→ Captions

→ B-rolls

→ Transitions

If you want to create short-form content for TikTok or Instagram, Argil’s AI deepfake generator can do it for you.

Step 4: Editing and customizing your custom videos

Generating the custom videos is one thing, but editing them is the most daunting part of the process:

Once you’ve generated the video, you can tweak the captions, regenerate a portion by modifying the script, and add transitions without leaving the AI deepfake generator interface.

Some people might think it’s too early to use this technology for custom videos. It’s not, and the early adopters are already saving time, making money, and trying new types of content thanks to the AI deepfake generator.

If you want to be part of this: Join us here