How to build an automated tiktok channel: AI tiktok video generator:


  • Build TikTok channel using AI TikTok Video Generator.
  • Faceless, automated, scalable content creation.
  • Record video, write scripts, generate videos.
  • Finance industry TikTok example with AI.
  • Multilingual, A/B testing, automatic publishing.
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If you’re into online businesses, I am sure you have heard of YouTube cash cows channels.

The faceless, automated, and scalable formats make millions $ per month for their owners. This business model worked for a while, but short-form content took the lead, and no substitute has emerged since then.

We thought about this for a while At Argil and devised an idea: TikTok automated channels.

TikTok pays creators above a certain level of views and subscribers, so what could happen if you could generate personalized TikTok with AI?

Let me introduce Argil’s AI TikTok video generator: the first scalable deepfake generator that creates short-form content in a few clicks.

What is an AI TikTok video generator?

Automated TikTok channels with the best performance in comparison to YouTube ones are not faceless.

This is why Argil’s AI TikTok video generator is built upon a proprietary deepfake technology.

Essentially, we provide creators with 3 main benefits:

  1. No camera is required, just upload a short clip to create your AI model
  2. Generate unlimited videos with just text scripts using your AI clone
  3. Built-in editing tools like captions, transitions, AI b-roll

There is no rocket science behind the usage of our AI TikTok video generator:

  • Step 1: Record a 2-minute video to create your AI model
  • Step 2: Write scripts for your TikTok videos
  • Step 3: Argil automatically generates and edits your AI video

Thanks to our technology, you can target any industry, create any content, and build a solid personal brand on TikTok.

Let’s take a concrete use case:

Create a channel with Argil’s AI TikTok video generator: FInance industry

The finance industry is hugely popular on TikTok, with over 5 billion views.

You could define a precise positioning: Decomplexifying the cryptocurrency industry for entrepreneurs looking to invest a portion of their treasury.

Then, you would define with our AI assistant the core pillars of your content strategy:

  1. What are cryptocurrencies
  2. How to choose the cryptocurrency platform
  3. How to build a coherent cryptocurrency portfolio
  4. The main mistakes cryptocurrency investors are doing

Then, let our AI scripting assistant write drafts for your TikToks, which you could modify in a few minutes, validate, and start the generation.

This can even become a way to test at scale different channels before deciding to go all in one.

The key benefits I see here are the following:

  1. Multilingual videos to decide which audience resonates the most with your niche
  2. A/B test unlimited videos to identify which gets the highest engagement
  3. Automatic publishing at different times to identify the best moment
  4. Different video styling (b-rolls, transitions, captions) to track performance

Gen AI enables new business models for people targeting high-scale/automated models, one of which is Automated TikTok channels.

If you want to jump on our waitlist and try Argil’s AI TikTok video generator: Join us here