How to create AI video channels like kwebbelkop with Argil


  • Kwebbelkop pioneers AI video content industry
  • Argil simplifies AI video content creation
  • Generate deepfake videos with ease
  • Automate scripting, editing, AI video content
  • AI video content: Consistency, scalability, affordability
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Kwebbelkop has over 15 million subscribers on YouTube and creates consistently gaming video content.

But I am not here to talk about the content itself; I am more interested in Kwebbelkom’s approach and his pioneering role in a new rising industry: AI video content.

While many think the idea is stupid and destitute of creativity and meaning, I don’t.

We’re currently experiencing the same debate as when photography was invented, and painters/portrait artists saw this as a direct attack on their art.

Humans don’t like change, but there’s something they despise even more: losing meaning because of technology.

Kwebbelkop understood early on that generating deep fake online, using AI to play a game, and mixing them could become a piece of content was possible with the rise of deepfake generators like HeyGen or Argil.

But while this was reserved for a specific audience with a certain level of Skils, our goal with Argil’s online deep fake generator is to streamline this process and give people the perfect platform to start generating short-form video deep fake content of them.

See what Kwebbelkop is doing on YouTube? Well, imagine you’re doing the same thing but on TikTok, Instagram reels, or YouTube shorts.

You can create multiple channels on different topics, generate batches of short-form content, and then decide which one is worth pursuing.

Want it or not, but the creator economy can become way bigger. The only challenge is making video ideation, scripting, and editing easier to publish consistently.

Why should you choose Argil for your deepfake?

We’re building d1 with content creators in mind. Our goal with Argil is to centralize everything you need from content creation (scripting), video generation (deepfake), and editing features to automate the content creation process.

We’ve been ourselves creating video content for over a decade now, we know the struggles of video, and we also know how hard it can be to build an audience so we have the right insights to take any feedback from our first users and find the best solution to integrate a solution for that.

Argil deepfake generator is super easy to use:

  1. Upload a video of yourself
  2. Start training a model
  3. Wait for the training to finish
  4. Start generating your scripts with our AI assistant
  5. Select the model with the body language you want to use
  6. Generate a video with your deepfake

This is how easy it is to use Argil. If you want to create content like kwebbelkop then this is for you.

You may have heard that HeyGen is the leading player in the market, but it’s way more expensive, and its features are not directed at content creators.

Succeed in your AI video content like Kwebbelkop.

His growth in the last year can be attributed in part to his ability to jump early on a trend many people reject.

Content creators themselves, having tried Argil deep fake generator, found themselves in a difficult spot balancing between:

  1. Their vision of the perfect world.
  2. The true practical reality (there’s only one).

Why won’t you use a deepfake generator if the results are near perfect?

Because you might need some extra features, so here’s a non-exhaustive list of the features you’ll find on Argil’s deepfake generator:

  • A/B test videos.
  • Multi-language speaking.
  • Automated video editing.
  • B-rolls, transitions, and captions generation.
  • Different AI deepfake avatars to choose from.

If you want to be part of this revolution join us here: Argil

You’ve been thinking about starting a channel on socials but don’t have the time?

You’ve been thinking about short-form video content but lack editing skills?

You’ve been thinking about creating an ‘information-focused channel but don’t have the scripting skills?

That’s precisely what we’re solving with Argil’s online deepfake generator.

You can create virtually unlimited videos at scale while being consistent in the quality with a minimum time and money investment.

Content creation best practices are changing, and if you want to join the revolution, you must jump on the rocket now.

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PS: We’re listening to any feature requests or use case ideas. Do not hesitate to share them with us.