Published on
July 6, 2024

How to launch your modern LinkedIn lead gen agency: Video prospecting

Learn the secrets of starting a LinkedIn lead generation agency with video prospecting. Argil's deepfake generator streamlines personalized video creation for higher engagement.

Othmane Khadri


  • B2B acquisition is evolving, text outreach is fading.
  • Video prospecting boosts response rates by 26%.
  • Argil's deepfake generator personalizes video messages.
  • Videos capture attention, express personality authentically.
  • Steps to use Argil: upload video, use AI for editing.
  • Build a LinkedIn lead agency with Argil's video tools.
  • How to launch your modern LinkedIn lead gen agency: Video prospecting

    B2B acquisition has changed aggressively in the past 3 years. The traditional text-based outreach on LinkedIn is losing effectiveness because of massive automation campaigns and poor AI usage.

    Open rates are declining, and answer rates are, too, but many people have adopted a new approach: Video prospecting.

    The only challenge here is that the lead gen will always need some volume, and volume means effort.

    Still, video production is costly and time-consuming, but when you know that video messages increase response rates by a staggering 26% compared to their text-based, it’s a must to integrate this into your strategy.

    Many people are camera-shy or don’t have the time to create personalized videos for each prospect.

    So here lies the solution: Combine a 1-time video recording with deepfake generation of the personalized version using Argil’s deepfake maker.

    A shift from text to video in Lead generation

    Text-based cold outreach is becoming increasingly ineffective and uncreative.

    Dictionaries seek entertaining interactions that give them a moment of escape during their day-to-day work.

    Video prospecting fills this gap by offering a personal touch that text can't match.

    Here are 3 reasons why video prospecting is gaining traction:

    1. Videos naturally capture and hold attention better than text.
    2. Video allows personality and authenticity to be expressed.
    3. Video message stands out in a crowded inbox (I promise).

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    How Argil is the Ideal tool for your next Video Prospecting campaign

    Yes, video production is time-consuming and expensive. That's where Argil's deepfake generator comes in, streamlining the process.

    Here’s a step-by-step approach to using Argil:

    1. Upload a 2-minute video of yourself to train your AI clone. You can start writing your first scripts directly to generate your videos.
    2. You can use the different AI features to speed up editing.
    3. You can also A/B test the portion of the video generated to see what sticks the most with prospects.

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    Business opportunity: Build a LinkedIn lead generation agency around Video Prospecting

    Argil’s deepfake generator made a new type of agency possible.

    Here’s how you could explore this opportunity and build your lead generation agency:

    1. Choose a specific niche/industry you’re confident you speak the same language (you know their pains, their struggles, and how their own prospects feel)
    2. Set up your service: offer video message creation, script writing, outreach campaign management, follow-up videos (be as creative as you want here)
    3. Price your service proportionally to the number of videos they want to get, but keep a floor price to ensure you’re profitable in the generations you make through Argil’s Deepfake generator.
    4. You can then use this method to market your agency, generating videos of yourself to reach out to people.

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    How will the LinkedIn lead gen market change?

    I believe there’s a very niche opportunity for agencies to jump on the deepfake wave. They’ll definitely need some time to learn how to use this technology to it’s best advantage but doing it now will be an edge for the future.

    LinkedIn lead agencies had a bad reputation because they lacked personalization and standardized offers that won’t deliver results now.

    AI deepfake videos are a new component that might be seen as a complex new tool, but with what we’re building at Argil, it will definitely help many agencies thrive.

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    Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.