Transform Your Room Sketch into Reality with Argil's AI Design


  • Traditional designs use limited 2D sketches.
  • Common miscommunications lead to costly revisions.
  • AI transforms sketches into immersive 3D realities.
  • AI ensures precision, personalization, and real-time adjustments.
  • Argil offers interactive AI design iterations.
  • AI with Argil empowers consumers, simplifies design.

In our rapidly changing world, two things stand out:

  • AI technology is taking root and changing how we operate.
  • We all crave a personal haven - a well-designed home.

The intersection point between these two is now more exciting than ever and leads to one question:

Will our future homes be crafted by human hands, AI technology, or a mashup of both?

We need a deep dive into the fascinating world of AI and interior design to unpack this.

Let’s explore:

Understanding the Traditional Design Process

Traditionally, room design begins with a concept, often translated into a 2D sketch.

While it sounds simple, the process has its share of challenges:

  • A 2D sketch can't fully capture the depth and detail of a room.
  • Miscommunications often lead to unmet expectations and costly revisions.
  • Not everyone can visualize a 3D space from a 2D sketch.

On top of that, crafting a sketch already means an exchange of value; you’ll have to pay to get one.

The Power of AI in Interior Design

This is where AI technology steps in, bringing transformative strategies to interior design.

AI isn't just about creating a room's 3D rendition, it's about offering:

  • Precision.
  • Personalization
  • Real-time adjustments.

Here are some key takeaways about how AI is reshaping the interior design industry :

  • AI transforms a simple 2D sketch into a stunning 3D reality.
  • Viewers can 'walk around' the design space before any actual changes.
  • AI enhances accuracy and satisfaction in the design process.

AI massive impact is the scale of integration and the super low cost of iterations.

Argil's Unique AI Solution

One of the use cases you can leverage on Argil’s playground is the following:

  1. Input a sketch of the room you want to decorate or re-design.
  2. Describe how you want it to look like.
  3. Iterate on the different outputs you had.

This type of use-cases provides:

  • Clarity and alignment between your ideas and the final design.
  • Offer a professional interior designer right within your computer.
  • Craft spaces that not only meet but exceed your expectations.

AI design is giving back the power to the end consumer.

The Future of Room Design with Argil

I am sure that so far, you got it:

AI potential is limitless, and we’re committed to leading this revolution at Argil.

Our primary purpose is to give you reasons to use AI:

  • Flexibility.
  • Simplicity.
  • Concrete use cases.
  • Multimodality (Image, Text, etc).

By creating an account now on Argil, here’s what you can do with AI design:

  • Experiment with different styles, layouts, and decor from your home.
  • Test out various design ideas in your actual space before making any changes.
  • Bring your design visions to life at any time.

With Argil, you're gaining a design partner.

Othmane Khadri