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AI video
doesn’t have
to be boring

We give you more control for more engagement

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Our AI tech allows managing cameras and body language to stick to the highest realism.

We pre-edit videos to help you pick the right angles & segments for a high-quality output that performs.

Pick camera angles

Use several cameras to make your editing more engaging

Our AI Avatars

Take advantage of our lively and engaging avatars to represent your brand and spread the word

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women speaking
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your message

Meet our favorite teachers, sellers, and entertainers


Create an AI version of yourself that can speak any language and create engaging without production effort

Upload a short video

A 2 minute video of you speaking is all we need

We learn what you look like

How you speak and move for maximum realism

Drop the camera start scripting

Record an audio or type text in any language to generate a video in minutes

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25 minutes of video
5 avatars
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If you can't find answers there, feel free to reach out anytime

How do we train an AI clone?

We only ask you to provide two videos. A 2-minute video of yourself with specific guidelines, and a consent video to make sure that you really are the person in the video.

Can I train an AI clone of someone else?

We need the training video and consent video of every person that we train the AI avatar of.

What can I do with the generated video?

You own the rights, you can use it as you wish.

What do you do with the source video after training my AI avatar?

We delete both the source video and the consent video within 48 hours.

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Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.