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July 6, 2024

Argil’s Deepfake Generator: Submagic on steroids

Argil's deepfake technology takes video creation beyond Submagic. Simplify production, maintain authenticity, and produce high-quality content effortlessly with Argil.

Othmane Khadri


  • Argil’s deepfake generator surpasses Submagic.
  • Automated captions with tools like Submagic engage viewers.
  • Video production is more demanding than editing.
  • Argil streamlines video creation with AI.
  • Upload, train clone, script your video easily.
  • Maintain authenticity and produce at scale.
  • Argil’s Deepfake Generator: Submagic on steroids

    Creators are looking for new ways to engage their online audiences.

    Automated captions from popular tools such as Submagic have become normalized in the content shared online because they can engage viewers more.

    Their work is crazy but creators could get an additional tool to their stack.

    Other AI-driven tools are rapidly streamlining the process of editing video content online, but video production is just as painful, if not more, than video editing.

    This is where deepfake technology has started to grow in presence and taken video production to the next level.

    Unfortunately, individual tools are too often siloed, and the end-to-end process is stitched together with multiple different apps.

    At Argil we’ve been working diligently on our proprietary technology so creating, producing and sharing engaging content is seamless and entirely assisted by AI under one roof.

    If you’re a content creator and want to integrate AI into your video production process, join us:

    The pain points of video production and editing

    A survey by Adobe revealed that creators spend 50% of their time editing.

    However, the production phase can be equally, if not more, demanding than editing. Often met with pains such as requiring extensive time, resources, and technical expertise.

    Not to mention the fragmented nature of the video creation process when production requires multiple days, impacting creativity and consistency.

    Centralization of the video editing and production process:

    When we started building Argil, we had one north star: make video content creation seamless.

    What makes Argil uniquely positioned to address this is we are solving a problem we’ve been experiencing ourselves from a decade of creating video content on:

    • YouTube channels
    • Tik Tok accounts
    • Movies and series

    We understand the struggles and best practices from a first-hand perspective.

    So, how have we solved our problem and created a comprehensive all-in-one solution for content creators?

    The process is frighteningly simple: upload a video of yourself, train your clone, and script your video (can use our AI assistant to write a draft).

    The rest is taken care of… by that, we mean every video.

    Essentially, you have sidestepped the following blockers:

    1. Video filming and recording (minutes, not hours)
    2. Script generation (never suffer from writer’s block)
    3. Editing: automatic B-rolls, transitions, captions (edit 5x faster)

    Seamless AND scalable, wouldn’t you say?

    While maintaining your natural facial expressions, voice intonations, and body language.

    So, neither your authenticity nor your message is ever lost.

    Video content creation will change with Argil

    The world of content evolves rapidly. Anyone can be a creator with the right tools.

    With a vision to democratize video creation, our approach allows anyone to produce high-quality, personalized video content with unprecedented efficiency and scale.

    This allows you to focus on iteration and identify what works and what doesn’t quickly.

    If you want to be one of the first to use our technology, you can skip our waitlist here:

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    Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.