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July 6, 2024

How Argil is re-inventing video prospecting with it’s deepfake generator

Argil’s deepfake technology simplifies video prospecting, allowing for personalized sales pitches, dynamic follow-ups, and global outreach, boosting engagement and open rates.

Othmane Khadri


  • Video prospecting boosts lead generation
  • Text automation lacks personalization
  • Argil's deepfake generator creates AI avatars
  • Personalized videos increase open rates by 19%
  • Follow-up communications stay dynamic and engaging
  • Multilingual outreach expands global video prospecting
  • How Argil is re-inventing video prospecting with it’s deepfake generator

    Video prospecting is the future of lead generation.

    Lead generation is already hard enough as it is, but with generative AI the market is heavily saturated with automated text messages that lack personalisation and have seriously harmed open rates.

    Video messages have a 19% higher open rate and are naturally more engaging. There’s a growing trend in leaning more towards video outreach over traditional text.

    It sounds daunting to have to send videos instead of text based messages/emails:

    • Won’t that take me longer?
    • I don’t know how to make videos
    • How can I ever send more videos than messages?

    The only blocker has been creating high quality, personalised videos at scale - until now.

    At Argil, we’ve built a deepfake generator that only requires you to upload a single video of yourself to train a model and create a personal AI avatar.

    This allows you to generate high quality, personalised videos of yourself at scale using your email or message (that you would already write anyway) as the transcript.

    Here are 3 very relevant and interesting use cases for this technology:

    Use Case 1 - Personalised Sales Pitches at Scale

    Personalising sales pitches for a large number of prospects is always a bottleneck. Studies have shown that personalised video messages can increase email open rate by 19% and click through rates by 65%.

    Using Argil you could generate personalised videos for each prospect based on minimal input such as names and company details which makes high volume prospecting with video easily achievable.

    You can now reap the benefits of utilising video for higher engagement and open rates without compromising on quality, time or cost.

    Use Case 2 - Follow-Up Communications with Dynamic Updates

    Timely and engaging follow ups are crucial in moving prospects through sales funnels.

    This is a particularly high leverage use case as this is where Argil’s deepfake generator can excel at providing the benefits of video outreach without the time and production costs associated with it.

    Adding video content to emails can potentially reduce opt-outs by 75%.

    Using your already created personal AI avatar as the foundation you can easily create or update transcripts with new information or tailored content for each prospect.

    The resulting video output then reflects the personalised content whilst maintaining the personal connection established in the initial outreach, keeping your prospects highly engaged throughout the entire sales process and significantly minimising opt-outs.

    Use Case 3 - Multilingual Outreach for Global Lead Generation

    Traditional lead generation is experiencing difficulty with saturated markets and we know video prospecting is a way to sidestep this hurdle for higher open rates and engagement.

    Research indicates that buyers are influenced by their mother tongue and culture when making purchasing decisions. Prospecting itself, let alone in video format, was traditionally a complex and expensive process.

    But Argil’s multilingual capability opens up new markets and opportunities for global reach as simply as selecting a different language in the app.

    The Future of Video Prospecting with Argil’s Deepfake Technology

    Argil’s deepfake generator was created to ease the video production process across the board, centralising creation, editing, and multilingual capabilities under one app.

    Outreach is still the same game but with its evolving best practices, and transitioning towards a video first approach to content and prospecting has never been easier with tools like Argil.

    If you want to be one of the first to use Argil, skip the waitlist here:

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    Argil is paving the way to a new world where everyone will leverage the most engaging format, video, effortlessly.