How to use Argil online deepfake generator: the HeyGen Alternative for content creators


  • Argil, the HeyGen Alternative focused on creators.
  • Deepfake tech tailored for content creator economy.
  • Generate, edit, and monetize deepfake content easily.
  • Multi-language, dynamic video editing features.
  • Join Argil’s affiliate program for revenue.
  • Create 100% AI-driven content with Argil.

Online deepfake generators go viral all over Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

People are starting to see the potential of this technology and want to learn more about it.

Unfortunately, there were only 2 major players:

  1. HeyGen
  2. Synthesia

Yes, these 2 targets are very different and specific markets, but none focus on the creator economy.

Content creators are leaning toward using HeyGen. While the model is great and super advanced, the user experience, user interface, and features are not directed at content creators.

It’s in this context that a HeyGen alternative is needed.

We’re building this at Argil, aiming to be the first-ever online deepfake generator for content creators.

Why the content creators?

HeyGen alternative for the creator economy

In the last 5 years, content creators have gone from super-advanced creative projects with very expensive budgets to everyday people building their brands online.

The creator economy is expected to grow to $530 billion by 2030, and while the barrier to entry is low, consistently creating content that resonates with an audience can be challenging.

According to a survey by Influencer Marketing Hub, 59% of creators struggle with consistently creating new content.

The perfect HeyGen alternative would make content creation seamless, not just video deepfake creation which for me, are 2 different things.

Yes, being a HeyGen alternative, we also generate deepfake videos, but that’s not it. We’re making the experience for content creators more complete.

On Argil, you can:

  • Create your AI clone with the exact mimics, body language, and tone of voice
  • Use our dynamic editing feature to modify your video content directly from your script
  • Generate in multiple languages your video content with a few clicks
  • A/B test your videos easily with different b-rolls, transitions, and copywriting

We’ve been creating content for a decade, masterclasses, YouTube videos, and short-form content on all platforms.

Content creation is our DNA, and we’ll keep adding new features that make sense for content creators because short-form video content creation is a new means of communication.

HeyGen alternative with monetization opportunities

With Argil’s online deepfake generator, you can make money in 2 different ways:

1) Become an affiliate

If you’re a content creator sharing your journey and the tools you use to create content, you can join our program and become an affiliate.

Any person joining the program will get 30% of lifetime revenue for all the clients they will refer.

This is perfect for educating your community on AI and showing you the most advanced tools while making money.

2) Create 100% AI channels

We’ll share a more detailed article about this very soon.

In the meantime, here’s what you can already start experimenting with:

1- Train a 2 mins of you to create your digital twin

2- Create a Tiktok, YouTube, or Instagram account

3- Choose an industry (AI, marketing, sales, etc.)

4- Start generating scrips with our AI content assistant

5- A/B with our features the format and share the short-from content

You can build an audience with 100% AI-generated content without recording yourself daily.

We aim to become the N1 HeyGen Alternative for content creators. If you want to be part of the user community that will co-build the next features with us, join us here.

If you want to be part of our affiliation program, fill out this program, and we’ll get back to you:

I want to make money with Argil’s HeyGen Alternative online deepfake generator!