The Rise of GPT-3: The New Era of Personal Assistants


  • GPT-3: New age personal assistant.
  • Evolution from Siri to GPT-3.
  • Features: Translation, learning, interaction.
  • Applications: Business, education, task automation.
  • Concerns: Data privacy, bias issues.
  • Future: Argil's enhanced GPT-3 assistant.

You have a use-case in mind for GPT-3 personal assistant?

Hey guys, if you're reading this it means one thing:

  • You understood the role AI can play in your workflows.
  • You want to build a GPT-3 personal assistant for a specific use case but don't know where to start.

At Argil we're currently building the next version of our product in which:

  • You can chat with different expert personal assistants.
  • Give them skills such as speak with a document and interact with a webpage.
  • Train the AI on your pictures if you want to generate specific images.
  • Get multimodal outputs based on text entries. (Images + text)

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The Role of OpenAI in the rise of GPT-3 Personal Assistant

Artificial Intelligence was once seen as only conceptual, but has now reached its essence as it became present in all our daily activities. What AI really refers to is the simulation of human intelligence in machines. Thus the ability to deliver human-like outputs.

Since the launch of ChatGPT-3 the technology was massively adopted, and is slowly becoming human’s personal assistant. ChatGPT showed that AI will provide tools designed to make work more streamlined and efficient.

If we check history, personal assistants evolved from basic scheduling softwares to voice-commanded companions like Siri and Alexa. But this is just the tip of the iceberg as they were not yet adopted in the professional realm as personal assistants.

The goal of OpenAI is to ensure that artificial intelligence benefits all of humanity. And well, I do think they’re going in the right direction when you see the shift GPT-3 led to.

Understanding GPT-3

On a broader perspective, GPT-3 is more than a technological revolution.

Its training involves massive datasets, giving it the ability to generate human-like text setting it miles ahead of its predecessors.

Here are a few GPT-3 text generation prowess:

  • Translation capabilities.
  • Intricate language comprehension.
  • Ability to learn and refine from user interactions.

Simply put, it’s reshaping our the expectations we may have from AI performanceAI expectations.

III. GPT-3 as a Personal Assistant

Imagine a tool that not only understands your command but also anticipates your needs.

GPT-3 does just that and more.

Whether you need:

  • Analyzing Data.
  • Drafting emails.
  • A brainstorming buddy.

GPT-3 is up for the task. With intuitive user interfaces ’Discussions that keeps context’ paving the way, interaction with GPT-3 is seamless.

From businesses harnessing GPT-3 to automate tasks to educators utilising it for personalized learning experiences, the applications are redefining themselves on a daily basis.

If you take a day and read and see all the user reviews of the premium version of GPT you’ll notice one pattern:

GPT-3 is revolutionising industries.

Benefits of GPT-3 Personal Assistant

GPT-3’s integration into the professional sphere is not mere coincidence.

If people are massively adopting it in the professional sphere it’s because of:

  • Its versatility.
  • Its ability to enhance productivity.

Moreover, GPT-3’s potential in data-driven decision-making is an asset many are eyeing. As you can give it context, you can build a personalized version of it for each of your inquiries and the potential rising from this feature is massive.

Cost-effective, accessible, and ripe for customization.

That’s what GPT-3 Personal Assistant is all about.


However, like all innovations, GPT-3 isn’t without concerns.

The main challenge is the data privacy and ethical considerations.

But that’s just from a corporate side, from a more technical one there’s another risk:


As AI is trained over specific datasets, biases are ingrained. The output your receive is a reflection of the data it’s trained on. This shows that GPT-3 Personal Assistant is not infallible.

Certain nuances are real technical challenges.

Vision on the Future  of GPT-3 Personal Assistant.

The trajectory of GPT-3, especially in the personal assistant realm is not focused on collaboration between people in the same team. It’s limited to your chat, your prompt, your context.

But that’s not how people work, here’s what I meant:

  • People brainstorm together.
  • They fix macro goals a micro goals.
  • They decide what is the breakdown plan.
  • They have milestone in their plan to verify outputs.

None of this is an actionable and coherent usage of GPT-3 as a personal assistant.

That’s how we envision GPT-3 personal assistant at Argil.

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Othmane Khadri