The role of AI in interior design App


  • AI's permanence and continuous need for home decoration.
  • Rising popularity of interior design apps.
  • Apps often lack user context and engagement.
  • Importance of context in influencing purchase decisions.
  • AI enables faster, scalable, and cost-effective design iterations.
  • Argil's innovative app offers personalized, intuitive design tools.

Whatever the future holds for us, there are 2 things I am sure about:

  • AI is here to stay.
  • We will always need homes.

That being said, our homes will need decorations, thus the continuous need for interior designers.

What will they be?

Humans, AI, or a combination of both?

To answer this question, you need more context, as the intersection between these two is unique.

To design the room of your dreams, an interior designer needs context.

To get that context, they need to ask you questions about what you want.

To know what you want, you need options to visualize how YOUR home might look in different settings.

You start to understand where I am heading?

Then let’s dive in:

Understanding Interior Design App

In recent years, we saw a massive increase in the usage of interior design apps that allow you to visualize how your room might look like with:

  • Specific furniture.
  • Specific wallpaper.

Both these use cases are surface.

Interior design app failed to grasp the importance of context. Most of these applications are mainly used by interior designers but don’t allow end-users to enjoy what they can do.

Context is the best way to close clients, and nothing so far has given a way to people to build that context.

Let’s say you want to decorate your room in a specific style. Wouldn’t it be excellent for you to have access to an interior design app giving you the opportunity to:

  • Create images of your room in different styles.
  • Build templates of your best creation and save them.
  • Give pictures of your room as inputs to use as a base.

All of that from your couch?

Interior designers must start including this type of option directly in their website.

They will be able to build the needed context to influence the purchase decisions of their clients.

The Integration of AI in Interior Design App

AI is a powerful tool to:

  • Iterate faster.
  • Iterate at scale.
  • Iterate cheaper.

When using an interior design app, that’s exactly what you should aim for.

The features AI brings are the following:

  • Use your own room as an example.
  • Build templates of your best creations.
  • Generate new versions of it out of your description.
  • Train the AI on your pictures to keep consistency in the creation.

And these are only a few of many more features you can use.

How Argil is building the next version of the Interior Design App

At Argil, we recognized that:

  • Initiating prompts was a challenge.
  • Crafting a personalized template was draining.
  • Overseeing AI training with your specific data was time-consuming and complex.

All these challenges were the reason behind the lack of a user-friendly interior design app, and we think we’ve finally solved that triptych.

That's why we’re super excited to finally introduce Argil’s playground.

In this space, you can dive into the following features:

  • Provide an image and describe how you want it to look like.
  • Transform simple text descriptions into visual images.
  • Submit a sketch and articulate your envisioned outcome.

All through an incredibly intuitive interface.

Sign up today and leverage Argil to become your own interior designer.

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Othmane Khadri